Pandya Store Written Updates 6 June 2023: Dhara’s Demands and Raavi’s Awakening – Twists and Turns.

In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store on June 6th, 2023, tensions rise as Dhara confronts Shweta about an undisclosed surprise. Meanwhile, Raavi regains consciousness in an unfamiliar location, leading to a puzzling encounter with some unidentified individuals. What twists will come in the upcoming story of the serial? Get the complete update and find out what the next twist in the story will be.

Pandya Store Written Updates 6 June 2023

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Pandya Store Written Updates 6 June 2023

Dhara’s Request and Shweta’s Unexpected Response: At the beginning of the episode, Dhara approaches Shweta and asks her to reveal the nature of the surprise she is planning. Dhara acknowledges that she understands Shweta’s reluctance to divorce Krish easily. Surprisingly, Shweta responds by stating that this time, she doesn’t expect anything in return.

Shweta opens up about her past wrongdoings and expresses her desire to turn over a new leaf, leaving Dhara astonished. However, Dhara remains skeptical and expresses her belief that Shweta will never change. Angrily, Dhara warns Shweta of dire consequences should she engage in any mischief.

Raavi’s Awakening and Confusion

Meanwhile, in a separate storyline, Raavi regains consciousness in an abandoned building, only to find Shiva beside her. Her happiness quickly turns into confusion as she questions some goons present in the vicinity. Raavi eagerly asks if Rishita sent them and attempts to remove their masks. Unfortunately, the goons forcefully prevent her from doing so. One of them clarifies that they are unaware of any Rishita and that someone else entirely had ordered her kidnapping.


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