Pandya Store 19 July 2023 Written Update: Shivank’s Sneaky Plan.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “pandya store” 19th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store Written Update today

pandya store Written Update Today (19 July 2023)

The story starts with Prerna, who saw a person named Shivank, and she gets worried about it. But Krish, her friend, tells her not to be scared because Shivank is already in jail. To make her feel better, Krish books flight tickets to Canada for them to leave after the wedding. He assures her everything will be okay and they’ll go next week.

Meanwhile, the Pandya family is struggling to help Suman, who got intoxicated. Krish explains that he found alcohol in her room, and they assume she drank from it. They try to take care of her. Dhara, one of the family members, brings clothes for Suman, catching the attention of another family, the Deven family. Deven wishes his daughter, Kajal, had such a loving family. They take care of Suman and try to help her sober up.

The Pandyas are dressed up for the wedding and are happily dancing. Shivank and Arushi want to distract Prerna, so they call someone to serve snacks called pani poori. They hope it will take Prerna’s attention away from Shivank’s presence.

A constable named Dayashankar informs Gautam that he saw Shivank and Arushi at a shop in Ahmedabad. Gautam gets shocked and starts searching for them at the wedding venue. He mistakenly confronts a waiter, thinking he is Shivank, and a fight breaks out. Shivank and Arushi realize that Gautam must have been informed by the constable. Arushi suggests giving up their plan, but Shivank insists on going ahead.

The Pandya brothers notice Gautam getting into a fight and rush to help him. They wonder why Gautam is behaving like this. Gautam explains about the constable’s information, and they get concerned. Krish remembers Prerna mentioning she saw Shivank earlier and wonders if she was right.

The Pandya brothers talk to Gautam and advise him not to worry too much. They believe it’s just a misunderstanding and ask him to focus on the wedding. Shivank pays off the person serving snacks and decides to do something else.

As the story unfolds, Suman encourages Prerna to take care of herself and not dance too much. The Pandya brothers continue talking about the incident, and Gautam suggests keeping it a secret from Dhara, another family member. They hope everything will be okay and that the wedding will go smoothly.”

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