Pandya Store 20 July 2023 Written Update: The Family’s Hidden Challenges.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “pandya store” 20th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 20 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya store Written Update Today (20 July 2023)

The episode begins with Gautam talking secretly with his brother. They decide not to tell Dhara that Shivang and Arushi are present. Then, they all dance happily together. Natasha is happy to see them together and hopes they can stay that way. Shesh says they sold the Pandya house, but Natasha believes Dadi will find a solution.

While dancing, Shiva tells Raavi not to tell Dhara about Shivang and Arushi. Unfortunately, Raavi tells Prerna, who then tells Rishita by mistake. Rishita ends up telling Dhara the truth, but she regrets it immediately. Dhara asks Gautam why he didn’t tell her earlier, and he agrees they should replace the food at the buffet. Dhara distracts Deven by asking Hardik to dance with him.

Arushi suggests a new plan to spoil the food. As Dhara and the Pandya brothers go to the buffet, Dhara asks who is hiding the truth from her. The brothers blame each other, and Krish advises Dhara to let it go and suggests what to do next. Dhara checks the food and finds it unsatisfactory, so she asks for new food.

Deven and his family are shocked at this and question Dhara’s actions. Kajal tells Dhara that she and Hardik like each other and asks Dhara not to insult her dad if she doesn’t like Kajal. Dhara clarifies that she is concerned about the food’s cleanliness, not about disliking Kajal or Hardik. Kajal insists they will manage to arrange new food.

Deven turns to alcohol to cope, and Hardik asks Gautam what’s going on. Gautam asks for his support and promises to explain later. Suman asks Raavi what’s happening, and Raavi reveals that Shivang and Arushi are present.

Arushi and Shivang think about their next move. Shivang suggests spoiling the water, but Arushi disagrees, fearing they’ll get caught. Rishita advises them to leave, as their lives are in danger. However, Dhara decides to stay with Gautam and asks the rest of the family to leave. Shiva insists on staying with them and facing the situation together. Dhara scolds him for talking about death and asks him not to do it again.

The episode then shifts to Dev welcoming Mr. Makhwana’s family, and they introduce their sons to Deven. Meanwhile, Dhara receives a call from Shweta and talks to Chiku, expressing her love for him as a mother.

Shivang and Arushi come up with a new plan since their previous one failed. The story continues with more developments in the next episode.

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