Pandya store 24 July 2023 Written Update: The End of Pandya Family.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “pandya store” 24th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya store 24 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya store Written Update Today (24 July 2023)

In the next episode, Dev purchases the favorite sweets for the Pandya kids. However, Chiku, one of the kids, is feeling sad and scared. He starts crying because he is thinking about Dhara and something she said. Shweta, a caring family member, tries to call Dhara but can’t get through to her.

Upon hearing Chiku cry, she rushes to comfort him. Chiku feels upset because Dhara didn’t come to get him, and he begins to think that she doesn’t love him. Shweta does her best to reassure him, but Chiku remains unsure.

Pandyas Trapped in Bank

At the same time, a powerful earthquake strikes Somnaath, and the Pandyas, along with Dev, find themselves trapped in a bank. The earthquake shakes the building, and things start falling around them. Dev gets stuck under a pillar, and the Pandya brothers attempt to help him. Unfortunately, they couldn’t save Mr. Makwana, who had already passed away.

The kids are frightened due to the earthquake, but Suman, a family member, consoles them with a warm hug. The Pandyas hold onto each other, reminiscing about their good times together.

Gautam Supports the Pandyas

Amid the difficult time, Gautam provides support to the Pandyas. They share comforting hugs as the ceiling collapses around them. Meanwhile, Suman, Mithu, and Natasha hear the tragic news and feel deeply saddened. Mrs. Makwana and her sons also learn about Mr. Makwana’s death and are filled with sorrow. On the other hand, Hardik and his wife are surprised by the news. They admire Dhara’s goodness and positive qualities.

Arushi and Shivang React

While watching the news about the tragedy, Arushi and Shivang have contrasting reactions. Shivang appears to be happy about the Pandya family’s misfortune and congratulates Arushi, but she feels sorry for Shiva’s death and is deeply saddened by the entire incident. She didn’t expect such a disastrous outcome while trying to harm Dhara. Shivang tells her to be quiet, but Arushi slaps him in response.

Shweta and Chiku’s Trip to Dubai

Meanwhile, Shweta and Chiku are on their way somewhere in a car. Shweta can’t get in touch with Dhara, so she decides to take Chiku with her to Dubai. Chiku misunderstands the situation and believes that Dhara broke her promise again because she doesn’t love him. Shweta does her best to comfort him and requests him to come along as she needs to catch her flight. Together, they head to Dubai.

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