Pandya Store 5 July 2023 Written Update: Rishita’s Memories and Prerna’s Guilt.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 5th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 5 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (5 July 2023)

Rishita’s Memories: In this episode, Rishita takes a trip down memory lane, reminiscing about the happy moments she shared with her family in the house. Meanwhile, Prerna feels guilty and tearfully expresses that she never meant to break up the family. She worries about what her parents will think of her.

Raavi and Rishita comfort her, explaining that it’s natural for parents to think about their children’s future. Dhara enters the scene and suggests that since the family is going their separate ways, they should start preparing food separately until the house is sold.

Gowtham’s Heartbreak

Gowtham is heartbroken and walks along the road. A neighbor taunts him, which angers him. Shiva intervenes and asks Gowtham what’s going on. Gowtham admits that he’s uncertain, but he believes that accepting the truth is always difficult. Rishita questions why Dhara can’t understand that selling the house could bring financial gain and increase their love if they live apart.

Sweta’s Departure

Dhara is surprised to see Sweta with her luggage, ready to leave. Suman asks Sweta where she’s going, and she explains that the family’s situation isn’t good, so she found a job in the city and is leaving to pursue it. Suman agrees, saying that nobody wants to stay with her.

Sweta seeks Prerna’s help with her baby and apologizes to Rishita and Raavi for any inconvenience she may have caused. She asks Dhara to change for the better and expresses gratitude for the positive influence Dhara has had on her. Sweta bids farewell to Dhara, who embraces her and asks her to take care.

Dhara’s Heartbreak

Chiku stops Sweta from leaving, and Dhara asks where he’s going. Chiku reveals that Sweta is his mother, shocking Dhara. Chiku explains that Sweta gave birth to him, and he considers her his real mother. Dhara is heartbroken and expresses her love and care for Chiku.

However, he insists on staying with Sweta, believing that she saved him when Dhara didn’t return after seeking help. Gowtham becomes emotional upon seeing the Pandya stores, and his brothers join him in reminiscing about the past.

Chiku’s Decision and Farewell

Dhara pleads with Chiku not to leave and calls him to hug her, but he ignores her and embraces Suman instead. The other children also urge Chiku to stay, but he explains that he must go with his mother. Rishita tries to stop him, but Dhara decides not to interfere. She tells Chiku to visit her often and bids him farewell.

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