Pandya Store 3 July 2023 Written Update: Dhara and Raavi’s Clash Unveiled in the Upcoming Episode.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 3rd July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 3 july 2023 Written Update Today

Pandya Store Written Update Today (3 July 2023)

Raavi and Rishita Doubt Dhara: In the next episode, Raavi and Rishita start suspecting Dhara of doing something wrong in the family. Raavi asks Dhara for her room key to investigate. The children are scared of being caught, which adds to the tension. Suman thinks Dhara might be behind it because she often comes up with such ideas, but Gowtham is unsure.

Raavi tries to open Dhara’s cupboard, but Rishita stops her, saying Dhara wouldn’t lock the children inside as they need air to breathe. Raavi then becomes suspicious of Rishita and searches her room, thinking she might be hiding the children to get more from the family’s assets.

Dhara’s Plea for Unity

Dhara urges everyone to stop accusing each other and behaving in a way that damages their reputation. She confesses that she did something to prevent the family from splitting apart. Rishita expresses her desire to divide the house, but Dhara asks them to think about what the children want and keep them together.

Prerna believes separation is necessary for the children’s well-being, while Gowtham insists on staying united as a family.

Children’s Worries and Pleas

The children become worried about the possibility of the family breaking apart. Mithu asks if they will be separated, but Chiku reassures him that Dhara promised it wouldn’t happen. Suman tells Gowtham that it’s too late, as Dev and Rishita are already considered one family, just like Shiva and Raavi.

Dhara expresses her determination not to leave Suman, but Suman insists on dividing the property. Chiku declares that if they leave, he will also leave, hugging Sweta. Dhara is shocked, and the children plead for the family to stay together and not separate them.

Heartbreaking Decisions and Departure

Dhara asks Dev not to divide the house and suggests they continue living together. However, Dev feels compelled to do it for the sake of their children. Dhara tells Shiva that he is her son and she can’t bear to live without him, but Shiva believes this decision is best for their son. Dhara feels hurt, thinking they are mocking her love.

She raised them to value unity, not to break the family apart. Krish reveals his plan to leave for Canada, thinking it will provide a better future for his baby. Dhara pleads with everyone not to leave, but they all walk away. Dhara apologizes to Chiku for not keeping her promise, and the children cry, trying to comfort Chiku.

Seeking Resolution and Emotional Moments

Gowtham assures everyone that they will receive their shares, but Dhara asks him to stay calm as he is losing control. Shiva, Krish, and Dev rush outside, and Dhara begs them not to make hasty decisions. The upcoming episode promises a heart-wrenching exploration of doubts, divisions, and the struggle to keep the family united. Viewers can expect emotional moments as the characters face difficult choices that may shape the future of their relationships.

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