Pandya Store 25 June 2023 Written Update: Arushi’s Regret and Dhara’s Wrath.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 25 June 2023, tensions rise as Arushi faces Dhara’s anger and guilt over Malti Devi’s condition. The episode promises a gripping and uncertain turn in their relationship.

Pandya Store 25 June 2023 Written Update

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Pandya Store TV Show Written Update Today (25 June 2023)

In the upcoming episode, Arushi rushes to Malti Devi when she’s in trouble, but Dhara stops her. Dhara tells Arushi that she doesn’t deserve to call Malti her mother anymore because her actions have put Malti in danger.

Feeling guilty, Arushi accepts Dhara’s words without arguing. Suddenly, Malti Devi closes her eyes, and Gautam suggests taking her to the hospital.

Dhara’s Outburst and Confrontation

Upon hearing this, Dhara agrees, and as Shiva and Gautam take Malti Devi away, Dhara grabs Arushi and slaps her. Dhara blames Arushi for causing chaos out of jealousy. Arushi remains silent with her head down, feeling remorseful.

Dhara’s anger rises as she looks at Arushi, holding her responsible for Malti Devi’s injury. Dhara shouts that because of Arushi’s envy, she has lost Chiku and Malti Devi. Arushi pleads for forgiveness, folding her hands in front of Dhara.

A Tense Turning Point

The upcoming episode of Pandya Store brings intense drama as Arushi’s regret and Dhara’s anger collide. The relationship between Arushi and Dhara reaches a breaking point, leaving their future uncertain. The episode promises a gripping continuation of the story.

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