Pandya Store 18 July 2023 Written Update: A Surprise Revelation.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 18th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store Written Update Today 18 July 2023

Pandya Store Written Update Today (18 July 2023)

Dhara surprises Hardik by telling him that his united Pandya family has split. Deven, Hardik’s father-in-law, wants to know who caused the separation. Hardik admits to Dhara that he had praised their family’s unity in front of Deven and doesn’t want to embarrass him. Hardik asks Dhara to inform her family about it, and she agrees.

The Hidden Bag of Trouble

Dhara assigns tasks to the staff, and Hardik asks Deven to hand him a heavy bag. Deven reveals it contains alcohol bottles he brought from Gujarat for celebration. Kiran takes Deven away, and Dhara assures Hardik they will find the rest of the Pandya family soon.

Poisoned Plan Foiled

Shivang and Arushi plan to use poisoned water for pani puri. The Pandya kids get stopped from drinking unsuitable cool drinks by a waiter. Suman finds a bag with alcohol bottles in her room, and she decides to tell Gautam.

A Drunken Slip-up

Deven looks for his bag, and Dhara worries he’ll find out the truth. She decides to tell her family and seeks Raavi’s help to keep it from Deven. The children mistakenly mix alcohol into juice glasses, and Suman accidentally tastes it, getting intoxicated.

Unwanted Revelations

Intoxicated, Suman demands to call the Pandyas at the resort reception. Dhara tries to protect the secret, but Suman accidentally reveals the separation to Deven. Dhara tries to cover up, saying it’s about reconstructing their house, but Suman shares that her sons live separately and pay rent, shocking the Pandyas. Meanwhile, Prerna spots Shivang’s reflection and gets scared.

In the upcoming episode, secrets unravel, causing unexpected twists and turns for the Pandya family. Stay tuned to see how they deal with the challenges and what lies ahead in their journey!

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