Pandya Store 23 June 2023 Written Update: Malti Devi’s Worries and Shiva’s Frustration.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 23 June 2023, Malti Devi seeks Shiva’s help to find Dhara, fearing Arushi’s anger. Meanwhile, Dhara struggles to rescue Natasha and Chiku. Tensions rise as the plot thickens.

Pandya Store 23 June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (23 June 2023)

In this episode, Malti informs Shiva that Dhara is trapped and pleads with him to save her. Chikku reveals to Natasha that Dhara is not his biological mother, hinting that she left them. Despite this, Natasha believes that Dhara will come to their rescue. Meanwhile, Dhara struggles to free herself while Raavi expresses her concern and asks Krish to contact them, but they haven’t received any news yet.

Mittu is worried, but Prerna assures him that they will arrive soon. Shiva meets Gautham, who reveals that Dhara is also a victim of Arushi’s revenge plan. Gautham hands them a mask, and Arushi notices Malti, assuming she is there to rescue Dhara.

A Desperate Plea and an Unexpected Twist

Despite their efforts, they fail to save Dhara. However, Dhara manages to get close to Arushi and pleads with her to save her children. Heartbreakingly, Arushi refuses to let her go. Malti continues searching for Dhara.

Krish’s Determination to Save His Family

Krish watches the news and learns about the dangerous chemical reactions and poisonous gas in the area where his family is trapped. Realizing that there is no alien threat, he decides to take action and save them. Prema, concerned for their unborn child, begs Krish not to go outside. Raavi comforts Mittu, and they hear the children’s voices. They discover that the kids are stuck in a hole and attempt a rescue.

Arushi notices their efforts but remains focused on her own agenda, dragging Dhara towards the edge of the hills. Shiva arrives with a rope and jumps into the hole. Malti pushes Arushi away, puts a mask on Dhara, and questions Arushi’s lack of empathy. Arushi shouts back in anger, but Shiva provides a mask for Chikku and assures everyone’s safety.

A Race Against Time and Unexpected Allies

Shiva struggles to breathe in the toxic environment and collapses. He insists they give a mask to Natasha, and Gowtham sacrifices his own mask for her. They reattach the rope to the tree, and Arushi, wearing the mask, becomes determined to prevent Dhara’s survival. She removes Dhara’s mask and throws it away, revealing her sole concern for her daughter.

Malti reminds Arushi that both girls are her daughters and that differences should not matter in this critical moment. She suggests discussing their issues after reaching the hospital, but Arushi remains stubborn. Malti slaps her, causing her to fall. Malti helps Dhara put on the mask, while Arushi complains that Malti doesn’t care about her. Malti assures her that everything she does is for her own good, but Arushi fails to understand. Gowtham saves Chikku and Natasha, taking Natasha to the hospital due to her worsening condition.

Unforeseen Outcomes and Emotional Reunion

Gowtham promises Shiva that he won’t leave until they find Dhara and asks him to take the others to the hospital. Meanwhile, Arushi pushes Dhara, causing her to roll in fear. Malti manages to save Dhara but accidentally loses her balance.

Dhara and Arushi scream in shock. In another scene, Raavi offers turmeric to Dhara, but she refuses to apply it to her belly. The family witnesses Malti’s fall, and Dhara is devastated upon seeing it. Gowtham embraces Dhara, leaving both Arushi and Dhara stunned by the unfolding events.

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