Pandya Store 19 June 2023 Written Update: Dramatic Twists Unveiled, Heartbreak, and Determination!

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 19 June 2023, Arushi vows to create chaos in Dhara’s life, leaving Malti Devi concerned. Meanwhile, Dhara faces a shocking encounter with her son Chiku, leading her to pursue a resolution.

Pandya Store 19 June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today

Chikku’s Mistake: Dhara questions Chikku about a doll he took, but he denies stealing and says he gave it to Natasha. He calls Dhara a bad mom and tries to avoid answering. He runs away and hides behind Sweta, leaving Dhara puzzled.

Dhara’s Concern: Dhara asks Chikku to stop hiding and explains that she is worried about him. She shares how he stole a doll and got a zero mark in the exam. When she asked about it, he called her a bad mom. Dhara doesn’t want Chikku to think poorly of her when she is trying to help him.

Teaching the Right Way: Sweta believes Chikku will change over time, but Dhara can’t ignore his mistakes. Rishita and Raavi suggest teaching him the right way and not overlooking his small errors. They believe it’s important to guide him as other children learn from his behavior.

Apology and Understanding: Sweta asks Chikku to apologize to Dhara, but Dhara doesn’t need an apology. Instead, she wants Sweta to help Chikku understand his actions. Suman assures Chikku that moms scold their children to guide them on the right path, and he shouldn’t misunderstand Dhara’s intentions.

Dhara’s Apology: Dhara meets Malti and apologizes to her for not giving her a chance to explain herself in the past. Dhara considers Malti as her mom and embraces her while expressing her regret.

Chikku’s Behavior: Suman tells stories to the children, but Chikku doesn’t show any affection. Suman explains to him that moms sometimes scold their children for their own good. She mentions that even his uncles received scoldings but understood it was for their well-being.

Malti’s Past: Malti shares her past with Dhara, revealing that her father doubted her character and never showed her love. She had eloped with Arushi’s father and had a son, but they faced hardships after her husband’s demise.

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