Pandya Store 18 June 2023 Written Update: Finally Shiva’s memory returns, Shiv Ravi reunites, Arushi shocked.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 18 June 2023, Shiva shocks everyone by calling off his wedding with Arushi, revealing that he has regained his memories. While Raavi and Shiva rejoice, Arushi’s determination poses new challenges for the Pandya family.

Pandya Store 18 June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today

Reunion of Love: The episode starts with Shiva seeing Raavi running towards him. He happily declares himself as Raavi’s Shiva, and she warmly embraces him. Arushi, surprised by the sight, feels shocked. Malti comes to console Arushi, who expresses her anger and blames her for everything.

Promises of Love

Shiva assures Raavi that he will never hurt her again and promises to love her endlessly. Raavi, overwhelmed with emotion, confesses her love for him, and they share a heartfelt embrace. Dev, Krish, and Gautham join in the celebration, showering them with hugs. Dhara and Suman are overjoyed to witness their reunion.

Regaining Memories

Shiva proceeds to hug everyone individually, while Suman hopes it will help him regain his lost memories. Dhara playfully scolds him for the troubles he caused, but assures him that everything is fine now. Dev asks if Shiva truly remembers everything and questions who Rishita is. Shiva playfully teases Dev, revealing that Rishita is his friend’s wife. Dev is relieved and embraces Rishita, his sister-in-law.

Introduction and Family Bonds

Shiva introduces everyone, emphasizing their family connections. He tells his son that he is his real father, and Dev happily acknowledges Shiva as his father. Raavi lovingly states that Shiva is her reflection, and he affectionately embraces the children. Dhara admits that Shiva troubled them during his memory loss, and Dev jokingly adds that there’s a list of his misdeeds.

Arushi’s Desires

Arushi arrives and opens up to Shiva about her longing for love in her life. She places her trust in him and asks him to marry her, allowing her to be a mother to her son. Raavi intervenes, slapping Arushi, and rebukes her for trying to separate a child from his father and a wife from her husband. Malti advises Arushi not to stoop so low, and Dhara prevents further confrontation.

Wedding Celebrations

Dhara questions Arushi’s audacity in thinking she can take advantage of the situation and marry Shiva, sarcastically noting that everyone would applaud her actions. Arushi expresses her desire to never have a mother like Malti or a sister like Dhara again and runs away. Suman declares that the problem is resolved, and Rishita playfully complains about not being married yet.

Suman arranges a wedding ceremony, and Dev and Rishita exchange vows, becoming husband and wife. Shiva and Raavi follow suit, encircling the sacred fire together, and receive blessings from the crowd.

A Happy Homecoming

The newlywed couples seek Suman’s blessings and happily return home. The Pandya family reaches their house, with Chikku rushing inside and Dhara following closely. Suman invites the neighbors to witness the wedding celebrations, a tradition for special occasions in their home. Meanwhile, Arushi walks alone on the road, reflecting on recent events.

Malti worries about her and realizes how her anger has caused distress. Arushi notices people running to save their lives and asks about the commotion. Dhara confronts Chikku about stealing a doll, and he playfully explains the situation, affectionately calling her a “dirty mom.”

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