Pandya Store 17 June 2023 Written Update: Tensions Rise as Shiva and Arushi Prepare for Marriage.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 17 June 2023, tensions rise as Malti Devi disapproves of Arushi marrying Shiva. Shiva stands firm in their love, but a shocking turn of events leaves the family concerned.

Pandya Store Written Update Today episode

Pandya Store Written Update Today

The scene opens with Dhara calling out urgently for Shiva. She enters the room through a window and searches frantically for him. She informs the others that Shiva has disappeared and is nowhere to be found. Raavi, filled with anxiety, worries that Shiva has run away and questions if he is with Arushi.

Prerna assures them that she has not let go of Krish’s hand, confirming he is not with Arushi. Dhara urges them to consider Raavi’s feelings without being selfish, and Prerna apologizes for her earlier actions.

Malti’s Urgent Call and the Rush to the Temple

Malti interrupts with an urgent call to Dhara, revealing that Shiva and Arushi are getting married at the Shiv Gauri temple. She urges Dhara to hurry. Raavi, overwhelmed by emotions, expresses her despair and even mentions dying. Dhara promises to prevent any wrongdoing and reminds Raavi of her promise to get her married to Shiva. Suman insists that they must intervene and stop the marriage. Dhara instructs the priest to be ready and they all rush towards the temple.

Shiva and Arushi’s Ritual at the Temple

Malti spots Shiva and Arushi engaged in a sacred ritual at the temple. Shiva declares that they will become Shiv Parvati, and Arushi agrees eagerly.

Rishita and Raavi’s Heated Argument

Back at the gathering, Rishita and Raavi engage in a heated argument. Raavi threatens to send everyone to jail and accuses Rishita of being ungrateful and selfish. Suman urges them to calm down, and Shweta insists on accompanying them.

Malti’s Accusation and Shiva’s Denial

Malti confronts Shiva and Arushi, claiming that their marriage goes against righteousness. Arushi questions her claim, and Shiva denies being already married. Malti insists that Shiva cannot remarry and expresses concern for her daughter’s infatuation. Shiva dismisses her accusations and defends his innocence. Arushi aggressively pushes Malti to the ground, rejecting her blessings.

Traffic Jam and Commotion

As Gautam’s car follows Shiva and Arushi, they end up in a physical altercation. The children also engage in an argument, causing everyone to get caught in traffic. Raavi vows to send Shiva to jail, while Suman assures her of their support.

Shiva’s Revelation and Raavi’s Arrival

Shiva recalls his marriage with Raavi and shared memories, causing him to break the marriage knot abruptly. Just as Shiva envisions Raavi standing in front of him, she and the others arrive at the temple, catching Shiva’s eye, and he breaks into a smile.

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