Pandya Store 16 July 2023 Written Update: Chiku’s Decision to Help Natasha.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 16th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store Written Update Today

Pandya Store Written Update Today (16 July 2023)

The Pandyas gather for dinner. Suman believes being together helps the sick. Shiva is surprised by Hardik’s upcoming marriage. Gautam shares how Hardik supported him after their father’s death. Dhara gets a call from Shweta, who got a job offer in Dubai. Chiku gets upset and breaks things. Dhara suggests taking Chiku to Ahmedabad for the wedding, and Shweta agrees.

Natasha’s Special Letter

Dhara informs the family about Chiku’s behavior. Natasha wants to leave, but Gautam gives her a letter to open at 18. They share a heartfelt moment. Rishita asks Dev for a leave application, but he surprises her by quitting his job. Dev regrets separating the family for their children’s safety. He questions if it was necessary.

Business Plans and Guilt

Shiva and Raavi consider starting their own business but get upset about its location. Shiva refuses to compete with the family. Krish feels guilty about the property share and doesn’t want to leave the family in a small house. Dev expresses his feelings about the separation, and Rishita explains her intention for Natasha’s safety. Dev acknowledges their mistake.

Family Unity and Responsibilities

Krish decides to use his share to buy a house for Dhara, Suman, and Gautam. Dev questions if Rishita considered their feelings if Shesh and Natasha left in the future. He emphasizes the responsibilities of both parents and children. Dev chooses to work with Gautam, prioritizing their unity over money.

Shiva’s Decision and Support

Shiva tells Raavi he can’t stay away from his brother and Suman. Prerna realizes her mistake and agrees with Krish’s idea. They plan to buy a house after the wedding and move to Canada. Dev admits his failure to keep the family united. Rishita supports Dev, emphasizing the importance of supporting each other.

Dhara’s Sadness and Chiku’s Situation

Gautam gets clothes for the family, but Dhara seems sad. She mentions Chiku. In the hospital, Chiku calls Shweta his real mom. Shweta explains to the doctor that Chiku was raised by another family and is having difficulty adjusting. Dhara informs Gautam that Chiku is going to Dubai. Shweta tells Chiku they are going to Ahmedabad for the wedding. Dhara worries about not seeing Chiku after the wedding.

In the upcoming episode, the Pandyas face challenges and emotions, but they strive to stay united as a family. Will they overcome obstacles and find happiness? Don’t miss the exciting continuation in the TV serial!

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