Pandya Store 12 June 2023 Written Update (Today) | Pandya Store Upcoming Story Twist.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode ofPandya Store on 12 June 2023, Raavi decides to monitor Shiva to keep him away from Arushi. Meanwhile, Dhara is shocked when Shweta asks for a favor to reconcile with her son. Dhara refuses, reminding Shweta of her past abandonment. Shweta threatens to withhold the divorce if Dhara doesn’t agree.

Pandya Store 12 June 2023 Written Update

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Pandya Store 12 June 2023 Written Update Today

Raavi decides to keep a close watch on Shiva. Her goal is to make sure that Arushi stays away from him. She carefully sneaks out of Shiva’s room without waking him up, determined to protect his happiness. Raavi knows that Shiva and Arushi have a complicated relationship, and she wants to prevent any further complications from arising.

Shweta’s Unexpected Request

Meanwhile, Dhara is taken aback by Shweta’s request. She looks at her with surprise and confusion in her eyes. Shweta, despite being their enemy, asks Dhara if she could do this one favor for her. She expresses her heartfelt desire to reconnect with her son and be a part of his life again. However, Dhara refuses to grant Shweta’s wish.

She reminds Shweta of the past when she abandoned Chiku, her own child, when he was just a helpless baby. Dhara questions the sudden surge of motherly love from Shweta and doubts her intentions. In response, Shweta angrily warns Dhara that unless she agrees to her condition, she won’t grant the divorce to Krish.

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