Pandya Store 12 July 2023 Written Update: The Pandya Family’s Chapter of Resilience.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 12th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 12 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (12 July 2023)

Suman Makes a Big Decision: The episode starts with Dev and Shiva arguing about who will take Suman with them. Suman scolds them for fighting and dividing the property. She feels they didn’t care for Dhara, who raised them. Shockingly, Suman decides to go to the ashram, leaving them behind.

A Change of Heart

Dhara threatens Suman, saying she must cross over her body to go to the ashram. Afraid, Suman changes her mind and decides to stay with them. She tells the Pandya brothers to show their children to her by getting their address from Gautam. Gautam shares that they will stay in a small room behind the Pandya store.

Emotional Farewell

Raghesh and his family visit the Pandya house. Gautam confirms they have packed their belongings. The Pandyas become emotional, remembering their time in the house. Raghesh asks Gautam for the key, and Suman gives it to him. Gautam assures there are no issues, and the house now belongs to Raghesh. Suman urges Gautam to take her away soon.

Suman’s Request

Raghesh reminds Suman of young Gopalkrish and the mala. Suman requests him to let Gopalkrish stay there. She asks Dhara to keep the pearl mala, and Dhara agrees. Suman consoles the crying Pandya children, and they all share emotional hugs. Gautam wishes his brothers find happiness and offers his support. Dhara blesses them too.

Leaving the House

Gautam takes Suman out while Dhara and the Pandya brothers prepare to leave with their families. As they exit, the mala gets stuck and breaks. The Pandyas collect the fallen pearls with heavy hearts. They walk out of the house while the song “Baghban” plays in the background.

Settling into New Homes

Raavi, Shiva, and Mithu arrive at their new house. Raavi remembers the landowner’s threat about rent. Mithu mentions their new house isn’t as big as the Pandya’s. Raavi scolds him and tells him to accept their new house. Dev and Rishita also reach their new home. They discuss finding a job and hiring a caretaker. Natasha feels the need to fix things with the Pandyas.

As the episode comes to an end, the Pandya family faces new challenges in their separate homes. With emotions running high and hopes for the future, they embark on their individual journeys, hoping to find happiness and reunite once again. Stay tuned to for more updates like this.

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