Pandya Store 11 July 2023 Written Update: A Tale of Love and New Beginnings.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 11th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 11 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (11 July 2023)

Dev talks to Rishita and says he wants to hire someone to help take care of the kids and Suman while they are at work. Rishita is surprised and asks if Suman is still upset. Dev explains that Suman is not angry, but he feels responsible for looking after her. He wants to have a room for her to stay with them in the future. Rishita assures Dev that they will talk to Suman and Dhara. They want their children to have a similar upbringing like the one Dhara and Suman gave to the brothers.

Chiku’s New Home

Shweta and Chiku arrive at their new house. Chiku feels sad and misses Dhara and the Pandyas. Shweta comforts Chiku, saying that although their new house may not be as big as the Pandyas’, it is still good enough for them. Chiku goes to his room and sees a painting of four kids on the wall. He becomes emotional and cries while remembering Natasha, Shesh, and Mithi. Shweta comes into the room and assures Chiku that he will make new friends once he starts going to a new school.

Packing and Dividing Belongings

The Pandyas begin packing their things to leave their current house. Suman suggests sharing some jewelry among them. Mithu returns Shesh’s pencil, and Natasha returns Mithu’s eraser to avoid fights between Rishita and Raavi. Suman explains that they have divided everything fairly.

Shesh finds a small model of the Pandya house and asks Suman to divide it too, so nobody argues over it. Suman promises there won’t be any more fights and asks Shesh to give her the model. Shesh agrees. Gautam finds a picture of their dad and realizes they haven’t shared it yet. Suman divides the jewelry among Rishita, Raavi, and Prerna. She asks Gautam where Dhara is, and Gautam says she will arrive soon.

Dhara’s Decision

Dhara arrives with her suitcase and asks Gautam if Raghesh hasn’t arrived yet. Gautam assures her that he will come soon. Suman gives Dhara her share of jewelry, but Dhara decides to give it to Natasha for her wedding. Rishita tries to stop Dhara, but Dhara insists that she doesn’t need the jewelry and wants Rishita to use it for Natasha’s wedding.

Gautam’s Offer

Gautam says he doesn’t want a share of the belongings, but Suman insists on making four equal shares. Gautam and Dhara refuse any share since the house has already given them a lot. Suman agrees but suggests that Gautam keeps the Pandya Store. Gautam asks his brothers if he can keep the store, and they agree.

Emotional Goodbyes

Gautam invites Shiva to work at the shop, but Shiva cries and says he will find another job. The brothers cry and hug Gautam. Gautam apologizes to them for not being able to make them happy and assures them that they can always rely on him as their older brother.

Dev suggests that Suman should stay with him, leading to an argument between Shiva and Dev. Suman steps in and reminds them that they wouldn’t take care of her if they didn’t care about Dhara, who raised them. She refuses to be a burden and decides to go to an ashram. She has called a vehicle to take her there.

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