Pandya Store 1 July 2023 Written Update: Dhara’s Advice and Prerna’s Apology.

Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store on July 1st, 2023, Dhara confronts Prerna for speaking ill of their family. She firmly tells Prerna not to say bad things about their loved ones. Suman also scolds Prerna, and feeling remorseful, Prerna apologizes to everyone with her head down, acknowledging her mistake.

Pandya Store Written Update Today episode

Pandya Store Written Update Today (1st July 2023)

In the upcoming episode, Dhara emphasizes that the Pandya store belongs to everyone and that all the children have equal rights. She assures Prerna that they will share Natasha’s future and urges her not to bring up the topic again. Natasha pleads for them to stop fighting, but Dhara clarifies that there is no fight.

The Divide in Opinions: Raavi disagrees with Dhara’s viewpoint and suggests a vote to determine who agrees with her. Some family members support Dhara, while others oppose her decision. Dhara is surprised to see an equal number of votes on both sides. Prerna argues that everyone deserves a fair share and questions why Dhara hesitates to give it.

Suman’s Disapproval: Suman interrupts the discussion, expressing her disapproval of dividing the shares. She insists that they wait until she passes away before claiming their rights. Suman leaves, and the family members disperse. Chiku feels upset and recalls the family’s past, worrying about their current situation.

Raavi’s Stand and Shiva’s Questions: Raavi tries to put Mithu to sleep and faces questions from Shiva about her actions towards Dhara. Raavi defends herself, stating that she only wants Mithu’s rights and that it won’t affect their love for him. Gowtham empathizes with Chiku’s sadness and assures him that expressing anger is natural when someone loves him. Chiku fears the family might break apart again and asks Dhara if they should leave. Dhara assures Chiku that they will stay together.

Prerna’s Intentions and Secret Plans: Shiva continues to question Raavi, but she insists on securing their son’s future. Shiva believes he can provide for their child alone and doesn’t need shares. Raavi reminds him of her struggles in raising their child alone. Krish scolds Prerna for discussing shares openly, but she defends her intentions of ensuring everyone receives a fair share.

Rishita suggests depositing the money in Natasha’s name, but Dev expresses concerns about Sheesha. Rishita encourages him, saying he is strong and capable. Prerna proposes to Krish that they return to Canada due to the focus on their children’s future. Gowtham advises Dhara not to stop others from claiming their rights, as everyone prioritizes their own children’s safety.

Dhara and Suman worry about the situation and share a secret plan with Chiku to reunite the family once again.

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