GHKKPM Latest News: Sai Virat will get married in the last episode, fans will get a surprise (27 June 2023)

GHKKPM News Updates 27 June 2023: Sai and Virat, the lead characters of Star Plus’ popular TV serial “Gum Hai Kisi Ke Pyaar Mein,” have created a special place in our hearts. Sai-Virat has touched many hearts, bringing tears to the viewers’ eyes. Responding to the viewers’ demands, the makers have decided to bring them together.

GHKKPM Latest News 27 june 2023

The episode will showcase Sai and Virat’s wedding, along with a flashback of their entire journey. Before a tragic explosion takes their lives, they will embrace each other with immense love. This will fulfill the viewers’ longing to see Sai and Virat united, even if it’s in their final moments.

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Latest News

The viewers have been worried about how their beloved characters will meet their end in the last episode. However, the makers have taken care of their emotions. Although it will be a sad moment, the show will conclude on a happy note. In the final episode, Sai will find the happiness she has always yearned for, living in her dreams. The Chavan family will shower her with love, and Sai and Virat will be reunited.

A Surprising Turn

In an unexpected twist, the viewers will witness Sai and Virat’s remarriage. This delightful surprise will be a highlight for the audience. The family members will celebrate their wedding with great joy and grandeur. Both Sai and Virat will appear incredibly happy, but suddenly Sai’s dream will shatter. She will disclose her dream to Virat, who will recall that there is a bomb on her body.

Final moments of Sairat Love

In their final moments, Sai and Virat will engage in playful arguments, adding a touch of nostalgia. Whenever Sai feels scared, Virat will divert her attention and reassure her that they will be safe. The bomb squad is on its way. To pass the time, Virat will reminisce with Sai, reliving their cherished memories together.

Their conversations will be filled with sweet banter, just like before. As they realize that their time is running out, Sai and Virat understand that they won’t survive. They will share a heartfelt embrace, and the explosion scene will not be shown. The next episode will take a leap, and the story of Savi will be revealed.

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