GHKKPM 8th August 2023 Written Update: Savi Wants to Go Home.

GHKKPM Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” 8th August2023 Episode Written Update By

GHKKPM 8th August 2023 Written Update

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update Today (8thAugust 2023)

In the upcoming episode of “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein”, Savi, who is a part of a group called Durva, tells her friends that she wants to go home. But her friends, Durva and Ayush, don’t want her to leave. Ayush says she can only leave if she does something for him.

Another friend, Avni, asks Ayush to let Savi go, but he ignores her. Ayush asks Savi to kiss him if she wants to leave the college. Savi ends up doing something she doesn’t like and slaps him, which surprises everyone.

Complications at Home

Shantanu tells Nithin that things are getting complicated at home. He doesn’t want to be away from his family, Isha and Ishaan.

Locking Savi Away

Durva, Ayush, and their friends get angry with Savi and put her in a darkroom to get back at her. Savi shouts that she will complain about them. Ayush says she can’t do anything. Avni feels they are going too far and asks them to let Savi out.

Ayush and Durva tell Avni not to be scared. Navya talks to Kinjal about telling Shantanu about Durva and her group’s actions. Kinjal doesn’t think it will help and takes Navya away. Savi tries to escape from the room but falls down instead.

Tricking and Secret Plans

Avni sees Shukla and worries they’ll get caught if he hears Savi. Durva tricks Shukla to avoid him going upstairs. Shukla decides not to go. Ayush and his friends secretly get room keys from another guard.

Difficult Choices for Shantanu

Nithin advises Shantanu to think carefully before making a decision. Shantanu doesn’t want to leave his family and is unsure about talking to Isha about getting a divorce. Nithin suggests Shantanu talk to Isha about it.

Savi’s Disappearance Worries Her Sister

Savi’s sister, Harini, becomes worried when Savi doesn’t come home. She asks their friend Kiran to help her find Savi. Kiran thinks Savi might be out with friends and asks Harini not to worry.

In the meantime, Savi’s friend Isha calls her, but her phone is off. Isha hears the doorbell and goes to answer it. It’s Ashwini, who warns Isha about something bad planned against her. Isha promises to be careful and asks if Ashwini talked to Savi. Ashwini says no.

Harini and Kiran go to the college to look for Savi. Harini asks the security guard to let her in because Savi hasn’t come home. The guard says there’s no one in the college. Harini wants to talk to the boss, but the guard doesn’t agree. Savi tries to escape through a ventilation duct but falls down.

As the story unfolds, Savi faces challenges with her friends while trying to go home. Shantanu deals with tough decisions, and Harini worries about Savi’s disappearance. The mystery continues, keeping us curious about what happens next in this TV serial’s upcoming episode.

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