GHKKPM 18 June 2023 Written Update: Bheema’s Sinister Plan and Virat’s Decision – Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein.

GHKKPM Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 18 June 2023, Bhima’s poem intrigues Virat, while he prioritizes meeting Sai. Satya resolves to reunite Sai and Virat, while Sai’s heart races with anticipation.

GHKKPM upcoming story Written Updates

Ghum hai Today Episode: Trouble on the Way to the Airport

The catering service person informs his boss about heading to the airport with the food. They face roadblocks set up by Bheema and his team, leading to a confrontation.

Sai’s Emotions and Bheema’s Disguise

Sai misses Virat during the journey, and Satya notices her emotional state. Meanwhile, Bheema and his team disguise themselves as caterers to reach the airport. They threaten a security officer to gain entry.

Chavan Family’s Trip and Bheema’s Sinister Plan

The Chavan family embarks on their trip to Mumbai, unaware of Bheema’s plan. He secretly plants bombs in food boxes while instructing his team. Bheema orders his teammates to disguise themselves as passengers.

GHKKPM 18 June 2023 Written Update

Sai’s Discomfort and Virat’s Investigation

At the airport, Usha meets Sai and senses her discomfort. Usha reminds Sai about Virat’s past mistakes and urges her not to leave. Sai tries to call Virat but receives no answer. Meanwhile, Virat examines CCTV footage and discovers Bheema’s presence.

Empty House and Airport Confrontation

Virat and his team trace Bheema’s house but find it empty. At the airport, Bheema accidentally bumps into Savi, and Sai comes to her defense. Savi recognizes Bheema but can’t recall where she knows him from. Bheema worries about misplaced parcels.

Savi and Geethanjali’s Introduction

Savi and Geethanjali introduce themselves and bond over Sai’s concern for Satya. Geethanjali mentions her work as a social worker assisting people with love marriages. She reveals her upcoming trip to Mumbai for the same purpose.

Virat’s Discovery and Action

Virat discovers a blueprint of the plane at Bheema’s house, realizing their plan to hijack it. He shares his findings with Kadam, and they prepare to take action to stop Bheema’s sinister plot.

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