YRKKH 27 July 2023 Written Update: Akshara’s Health Crisis and Abhir’s Quest.

YRKKH Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” 27th July 2023 Episode Written Update By Buzzfy.in

YRKKH 27 July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Today (27 July 2023)

In this TV show episode, Manjiri thinks Akshara is really sick and not pretending. Abhimanyu, supports her and believes she wouldn’t fake being ill just because she lost a court case. Manjiri says Akshara had to do what the court told her to do. But Abhimanyu defends Akshara, saying she is truly unwell, and he knows it for sure.

Akshara’s Disappearance Worries Abhir

Manjiri tells everyone that Akshara hid from them and became a music teacher for Abhir. She thinks Akshara might be planning to make Abhimanyu go back to a place called Kasauli. But Abhimanyu disagrees and says Akshara isn’t a schemer. He trusts her and wouldn’t have fallen for her if she were like that. Manjiri doesn’t like Akshara, but Abhimanyu decides to take Abhir to Kasauli anyway.

Abhir’s Determination to See Akshara

Abhir overhears Abhimanyu and Manjiri talking and gets worried. He talks to Ruhi, and they both think of asking for help from someone named Arohi or Goenkas. Abhir feels like grown-ups manipulate kids. Ruhi helps Abhir with some money and a map for his journey. Abhir is determined to go see Akshara.

Akshara’s Worsening Condition

Akshara’s condition gets worse, and the doctor tells her husband Abhinav that she needs to get better by morning. Abhinav believes Akshara will feel better if Abhir is with her, and he prays for Abhir’s return to Kasauli. Ruhi supports Abhir in his plan to leave and go see Akshara. Abhinav prays for a miracle to bring Abhir back. Manjiri notices Abhir and Ruhi, but they manage to hide.

The Search for Abhir and Suspense

Abhimanyu plans to take Abhir to Kasauli, but Arohi tells him that Abhir is missing. Both Abhimanyu and Manjiri are shocked. The roads are closed due to floods, and Abhinav worries about Akshara’s health. Another person named Manish is concerned about Akshara, but Kairav advises him not to stress out.

The Goenkas decide to go to Kasauli because they realize that Akshara needs Abhir with her. In the midst of all this chaos, Abhimanyu and Manjiri continue to search for Abhir. The episode ends with a suspenseful moment.

Will Abhir reach Akshara in time? The suspense builds as everyone worries about Akshara’s health. With roads closed due to floods, the search for Abhir intensifies. Stay tuned to find out what happens next in this thrilling TV show episode!

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