Udaariyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Update: Harleen’s Plan.

Written Update Today: Colors TV Serial “Udaariyaan” 2nd August 2023 Episode Written Update By Buzzfy.in

Udaariyaan 2nd August 2023 Written Update

Udaariyaan Written Update Today (2nd August 2023)

In the last episode of Udaariyaan, Harleen had a plan to capture Aliya. She wanted to show how brave she could be in front of Aliya, so she decided to rescue her all by herself. But, while talking on the phone about her plan, Nehmat, who was searching for Aliya too, overheard everything and was surprised by the news. Nehmat found it hard to believe what she heard.

Nehmat’s Clever Rescue

In today’s episode, get ready for lots of drama and emotions. Nehmat uses her smarts to save the kids after finding out about Harleen’s plan. Thanks to Nehmat’s quick thinking, the children are rescued.

A Tense Confrontation

The episode starts with Aliya in tears, facing a dangerous thug who has a gun. She pleads with Nehmat to save her. Nehmat, with tears in her eyes too, tries to reason with the thug, asking him not to harm Aliya and promising to do whatever he wants.

But the thug makes a surprising demand. He wants Nehmat to return three kids he saved the day before and hand over Aliya to him. Nehmat is taken aback by this demand.

However, Nehmat refuses to give the kids back to the thug. This shocks Aliya, who misunderstands the situation and thinks Nehmat doesn’t want to save her because she agrees with the thug. This creates a bad impression of Nehmat in Aliya’s eyes.

Don’t miss the upcoming episode of Udaariyaan, filled with thrilling drama and emotions. Nehmat’s clever rescue and a tense confrontation with the thug will keep you on the edge of your seat!

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