Teri Meri Doriyaann 17 July 2023 Written Update: Sahiba’s Surprise Birthday Party.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Teri Meri Doriyaann” 17th July 2023 Episode Written Update By Buzzfy.in

Teri Meri Doriyaann Written Update 17 July 2023

Teri Meri Doriyaann Written Update Today (17 July 2023)

In today’s episode, there’s a big surprise planned for Sahiba’s birthday by Angad. He wants to make her day extra special. But there are some problems as Sahiba, Seerat, and Angad are having some disagreements.

The episode starts with Angad trying to talk to Sahiba, but she seems distant and goes to the Brar mansion without acknowledging him. Kirat reminds Angad that Sahiba’s birthday is coming up, so he decides to throw a surprise party for her to make her feel loved. Kirat agrees to help with the plan. Gurleen visits Seerat, Sahiba’s mother, to check on her well-being. Seerat had left home, saying her mother was sick. Sahiba lies to Gurleen to protect Seerat, saying her mother is okay. But this lie causes misunderstandings later on.

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At night, Angad tries to talk to Sahiba, but she says she has a headache and doesn’t want the balm he offers. In her room, Seerat wonders why Sahiba always comes between her and Angad. Sahiba confronts Seerat about the lie and her visit to Angad. They argue, with Seerat blaming Sahiba for her past problems with Angad. Sahiba stands firm, saying she has a right to know as Angad’s wife.

Angad asks Sahiba to talk to him about the Seerat situation. Sahiba tells him about her conversation with Seerat and her deceptive intentions. They disagree on how to handle Seerat’s actions. Meanwhile, Sahiba goes to an orphanage to meet Simran but finds out she’s been adopted by another family. The orphanage warden won’t give Sahiba the new address due to adoption confidentiality.

Inder, Sahiba’s father, tries to find out where Simran is but gets conflicting information from the detective he hired. Sahiba gets suspicious when she sees Simran at the orphanage even though she was supposed to be adopted. In the midst of all this, Angad asks Kirat to help choose a cake for Sahiba’s birthday. Seerat becomes jealous when she finds out and feels left out. But Angad reassures her that she is important and that Sahiba is right about their boundaries.

As tensions rise and misunderstandings grow, the upcoming episode promises thrilling twists and turns in this TV serial. Stay tuned to see how Angad’s surprise plan unfolds amidst the complex dynamics between Sahiba, Seerat, and himself.

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