Pandya Store Written Updates 4 June 2023: Dhara’s Shocking Revelation Reveals Family Secrets.

Pandya Store Upcoming Story 4th June 2023: The episode starts with a surprising revelation from Dhara that shocks everyone, except Raavi. What twists will come in the upcoming story of the serial? Get the complete update and find out what the next twist in the story will be.

Pandya Store Written Updates 4th June 2023

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Pandya Store Written Updates 4 June 2023

In the latest episode, the viewers were taken aback when Rishita revealed that Dhara had kept something from her. Speculating on Dhara’s motives, Raavi suggested that Dhara may have intended to reunite their family by taking advantage of Shiva’s memory loss. Raavi proposed that Dhara had even planned to arrange a marriage between Arushi and Shiva.

Tensions Escalate as Dhara’s Emotional Outburst

The situation quickly escalated as Dhara, overwhelmed with anger, raised her hand. However, Raavi promptly intervened and scolded her for her actions. The emotional turmoil continued when Malti, deeply affected by Arushi’s words, burst into tears.

Dhara’s Heartbreaking Revelation

In a heart-wrenching moment, Dhara disclosed the tragic truth behind her father’s suicide, blaming her mother for the devastating event. Dhara shared her own struggles, recounting how she endured teasing, accusations of being characterless, and a sense of isolation. Her emotional confession left everyone in tears.

Raavi’s Attempts to Comprehend Dhara’s Perspective

Raavi, attempting to empathize with Dhara, tried to understand her actions. She suggested that Dhara might have considered marrying Arushi and Shiva as a means to prove her innocence, just as she had done in the past with Prerna, Krish, and Shweta. This left Arushi perplexed about Raavi’s presence and intentions.

Malti’s Sinister Plot and Rishita’s Plan

Adding to the intrigue, Malti made a mysterious phone call, plotting to reveal her angry side to Arushi. Meanwhile, Rishita stepped in to console Raavi and proposed a plan to restore Shiva’s memory. She reminded Raavi of their previous idea to recreate the kidnapping incident that had occurred before. Though Dev hesitated, Rishita convinced him that it was for Shiva’s well-being. As the episode unfolded, Malti noticed Arushi and decided to make a call to Shiva.

Raavi’s Request and Shiva’s Dilemma

In an unexpected twist, Raavi dressed up beautifully in a saree and requested Shiva to drop her off at the temple. Shiva, however, refused, citing his inability to fulfill her request. Raavi persisted, explaining her vow to offer a chunar (scarf) to the goddess once everything was resolved. Despite her insistence, Shiva advised her to inform Dev or seek help from Gautam or Krish.


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