Pandya Store 9 July 2023 Written Update: A Special Dance and Emotional Goodbyes.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 9th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store Written Update Today episode

Pandya Store Written Update Today (9 July 2023)

Celebration and Memories: Dhara suggests celebrating Chiku and their departure from the house. Suman agrees. Dhara plays a song and dances with the Pandya brothers. They remember the happy moments they had dancing with Dhara. Dhara gathers Rishita, Raavi, and the children to join the dance. Rishita cries and hugs Dev. Dhara dances with Rishita and Raavi, and then dances with the kids. Chiku tells them to go and cut the cake now.

Cake and Fainting Drama

Chiku calls Shweta to cut the cake, and they all enjoy it. Chiku feeds himself some cake. Natasha asks Dhara to feed Chiku the cake, but Dhara asks Shweta to do it instead. Chiku then asks Gautam to feed him the cake. Chiku tries to feed Mintu, but he refuses. Rishita signals to Natasha to pretend to faint so that Chiku will stay.

The Failed Plan

Natasha pretends to faint and asks Chiku not to leave. Rishita and Raavi join in, begging Chiku for Natasha’s sake. Shesh drops a cockroach on Natasha, causing her to get scared and reveal the plan. Shesh laughs at their failed attempt. Dhara scolds Rishita for making Natasha pretend to be sick, but Natasha defends her and reveals Rishita’s intentions. Natasha apologizes to Chiku and asks him not to leave.

Chiku’s Taunts

Chiku warns Natasha not to pretend again. He taunts Dhara and Suman, saying that they also pretended to make everyone return home, but now it doesn’t matter as everyone is going back. Chiku asks Shweta to leave, and they go to the storeroom to get their bag. Mintu wonders how Chiku knows about the storeroom. Dhara scolds Rishita and wants Chiku to remember them with good memories.

Rishita’s Plan

Rishita takes out a baby’s dress and involves Shesh in her plan. Chiku is about to leave with Shweta, but Rishita suggests playing a treasure hunt game with the kids. Shesh encourages Chiku to play along. They search for a hidden box. Chiku finds it and opens it, discovering his childhood toys. Rishita asks him not to leave and Dhara brings childhood memories of Dev, Shiva, and Krish.

Emotional Farewell

Dhara explains that she has kept their childhood memories safe, just like Chiku’s memories. She asks if the Pandya brothers won’t change their minds after seeing their memories, then how can Chiku change his mind. Shweta takes Chiku’s box, and Chiku and Shweta start to leave. Dhara runs to her room, crying, remembering the day she brought Chiku home. Chiku says goodbye to the Pandya family before leaving.

Heartfelt Goodbyes

Dhara runs out of the house, asking Chiku to stop, but he leaves in the auto. Dhara faints, and the Pandya family rushes to her side, worried and emotional about Chiku’s departure.

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