Pandya Store 7th June 2023 Written Update: Arushi’s Provocation and Dhara’s Surprise.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store on June 7th, 2023, Dhara is taken aback by a surprising incident, while Arushi’s actions provoke her further, leading to unexpected consequences. What twists will come in the upcoming story of the serial? Get the complete update and find out what the next twist in the story will be.

Pandya Store 7th June 2023 Written Update

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Pandya Store Written Updates Today (7 June 2023)

In the upcoming episode , Dhara is caught off guard by something and looks at Arushi with wide eyes. Noticing Dhara’s reaction, she turns to Suman, who advises Dhara to remain calm. It seems that Arushi is intentionally trying to provoke Dhara and make her lose her temper. The people in the neighborhood start whispering to each other as they hear Arushi’s announcement. Arushi, on the other hand, smirks and enjoys seeing the unhappiness on Dhara’s face.

Dhara’s Embarrassment and Prerna’s Support

Feeling embarrassed by the situation, Dhara decides to leave the scene. Sensing her distress, Prerna follows her to check if she’s alright. Dhara is likely overwhelmed by the turn of events and seeks solace away from the crowd. Prerna’s presence provides comfort and support to Dhara during this challenging time.

Suman’s Anger and Arushi’s Response

Meanwhile, Suman, Dhara’s mother-in-law, looks at Arushi with anger in her eyes. She is not pleased with Arushi’s actions and intends to confront her. Suman makes it clear to Arushi that her desires will never be fulfilled, no matter what Arushi may think. This assertion from Suman deeply affects Arushi, who suddenly puts on a show of being hurt. She sheds fake tears and assures Suman that she never meant to humiliate the Pandya family.


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