Pandya Store 7 July 2023 Written Update: Dhara’s Hopeful Conversation with Shweta.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 7th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 7 july 2023 Written Update Today

Pandya Store Written Update Today (7 July 2023)

Sweta’s Worries: Sweta shares her concerns with Dhara about living without Chiku. Dhara compares Chiku’s absence to cutting a branch from a tree, explaining that life goes on. She mentions that she managed without Shiva, Dev, and Krish. Gowtham becomes emotional upon hearing this.

Krish’s Guilt

Krish tells Prerna that he wanted to see Dhara raise Chiku, which is why he married Sweta. Now, he feels guilty for leaving Dhara after all the years she spent caring for them. Prerna comforts him. Mithu asks Raavi if he can meet Chiku after the farewell, and she agrees.

Dhara’s Request

Dhara wants Sweta to promise that she will take good care of Chiku and prevent him from crying. She reminds Sweta that she has showered Chiku with love. Sweta assures Dhara that she will do her best. Shiva confides in Raavi about Dhara bidding farewell not just to Chiku but to all of them.

Chiku’s Departure

Dhara calls Sweta and gives her Chiku’s favorite night dress. Gowtham embraces Dhara, assuring her of his unwavering support. Shiva reveals that everyone will be leaving the house as they have decided to sell it. Rishita suggests to Dev that Dhara should try to stop him from leaving before the house is sold.

Rishita’s Plan

Natasha asks Rishita about her dress choice for the farewell party. Rishita shares her plan to prevent Chiku from leaving. Dev shows disinterest, but Natasha suggests faking an illness to delay Chiku’s departure. Shesha overhears their conversation and realizes their unawareness of the consequences.

Family Tensions

Shiva meets Suman, who expresses anger and questions why they haven’t done anything for Mithu. Shiva desires to keep the family together and be a good father. Suman believes Dhara would have been happier alone with Gowtham. Shiva argues about his responsibilities and questions who took care of Mithu. Suman decides to stay with Gowtham.

As tensions rise, Rishita trains Natasha on how to convincingly faint. Mithu hides Chiku’s bag in the storeroom, hoping he’ll stay if he can’t find it. Sweta reassures Dhara and promises to return if needed. Dhara advises Sweta to teach Chiku right from wrong. Suman shares her sorrow with Dhara, who suggests a specific dress for the farewell. Gowtham urges them to take the belongings they need, warning that he will burn the rest if they don’t.

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