Pandya Store 6 July 2023 Written Update: Chiku’s Difficult Decision.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Pandya Store” 6th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Pandya Store 6 July 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (6 July 2023)

The Mysterious Letter: In the new episode of the TV show, a postman delivers a letter to Gowtham. Dev asks about the letter, and Gowtham says it’s from a bank. Shiva remembers Gowtham applied for a loan to build a supermarket. But Gowtham tears up the papers, thinking it’s useless.

Chiku’s Decision: Dhara tells Rishita not to interrupt and says Chiku can leave if he wants to. She assures him he can see her whenever he wants. Sweta comments that Dhara can make him understand. Dhara explains she can’t force Chiku to stay with them. If he thinks he can find love elsewhere, he’s free to choose where to live. The children beg Chiku to stay, but Dhara insists he should go.

A Parent’s Argument: Gowtham questions Dhara’s decision and threatens to slap Chiku if he leaves. Dhara tells Gowtham they have failed as parents and it’s wrong to force Chiku to stay. Chiku, torn between his parents, asks Sweta to go with him. Dhara acknowledges Chiku’s choice and asks Gowtham not to follow him. They need to accept the situation and support each other.

Chiku’s Departure: Chiku realizes that he and the children haven’t fully understood their situation. They will be separated, going with their own parents. Natasha asks him to stay for the farewell party. Chiku agrees but clarifies that he will leave afterward. Dhara tells Rishita not to interfere in Chiku’s life and plans a farewell party to create happy memories.

Emotional Moments: Dhara warmly hugs Chiku when he arrives. Gowtham carries him, confident he won’t leave. Natasha reminds him that he’ll leave after the party. They decide to throw a farewell party and bid Chiku goodbye. Dhara shares her love for Chiku with Sweta, who realizes she can’t be as good of a mother as Dhara.

Counting Money and Goodbyes: Chiku counts money and advises the kids to be careful. The adults feel guilty about their argument. Dhara packs Chiku’s bag and shares his preferences with Sweta. She asks Sweta to take good care of him. Dhara and Sweta continue talking, sharing their sorrows and supporting each other.

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