Pandya Store 22 June 2023 Written Update: Car Trouble, Worried Arguments, and Anxious Updates.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 22 June 2023, Gautam and Shiva face car trouble, while Rishita and Shweta argue anxiously. Meanwhile, Suman delivers disappointing news, leading Raavi to seek solace in prayers.

Pandya Store 22 June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store Written Update Today (22 June 2023)

Kids Trapped in a Hole: Natasha warns Chikku not to run, but unfortunately, he falls into a hole. They cry out for help, and Dhara hears their voices and rushes to rescue them. However, she can’t reach Chikku’s hand due to the height difference.

Arushi notices the situation and realizes that the kids are trapped. Dhara calls for help, but Gautham and the others face police checks, preventing them from reaching the scene.

Malti’s Suspicions: Malti calls Arushi and senses something is wrong when Arushi lies about waiting for Dhara. She finds a mask under the sofa and recalls seeing it on the news. Malti starts suspecting Arushi’s intentions, worrying that she might want to harm Dhara. Regretting not doubting Arushi earlier, Malti desperately wants to save Dhara.

Gautham’s Misunderstanding: Gautham finds Dhara’s phone and mistakenly believes that an alien has captured her. Rishita assures him that Dhara is safe. Sweta suggests wearing masks for their own safety, but Rishita scolds her, emphasizing the importance of saving the kids first. Shiva agrees with Sweta and decides to retrieve a mask from the police van.

Dhara’s Plea: Dhara spots Arushi and asks her to save the kids who are struggling to breathe. Arushi pretends to help but causes Dhara to fall and injure her head. Dhara bleeds and almost loses consciousness. She cries for help, while Chikku expresses his disappointment in Natasha. Natasha feels dizzy, and Dhara’s condition worsens as she falls unconscious.

Malti’s Discovery: Malti calls Arushi again and questions her about the mask found at their house. Arushi tells Malti to focus on Dhara, who is in a critical state. Arushi reveals her deep-seated hatred towards Malti, blaming her for ruining her childhood and now taking away her mother. Malti realizes the seriousness of the situation.

Malti’s Plea to Shiva: Malti arrives at the scene and informs Shiva that Arushi intentionally trapped Dhara out of anger. She pleads with Shiva to save Dhara. In the next episode, Malti prevents Dhara from falling further but ends up slipping herself. Dhara confronts Arushi, accusing her of destroying her childhood and demands that she stay away.

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