Pandya Store 16 June 2023 Written Update: Now Shiva will marry her under Raavi’s threat.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 15 June 2023, Raavi shocks everyone by confessing that she cannot bear to see Shiva marry someone else. The family is left stunned, and Shiva’s response brings a surprising twist to the situation.

Pandya Store 16 June 2023 Written Update

Pandya Store 16 June 2023 Written Update: Raavi’s threat

Raavi feeling hopeless: The episode begins with Raavi feeling hopeless and considering drastic actions like jumping into a well. Dhara and Siva try to calm her down and convince her not to take such extreme steps. Raavi shares her frustration about living without her husband and a father figure for her child.

Meanwhile, Rishitha threatens self-harm if Dev doesn’t marry her. Suman shares her own struggles of living alone. Dhara understands Raavi’s concerns and suggests that Siva should marry her, highlighting their strong bond and Raavi’s past contributions to their family.

Dhara’s Plea and Siva’s Choice

Dhara earnestly pleads with Siva to marry Raavi, believing that Arushi may find happiness elsewhere while Raavi may not get a better partner than Siva. Raavi has doubts, thinking that Siva has always disliked her and could never love her. Dhara assures her that Siva is not like that and will make the right decisions despite their differences.

Shiva agrees to marry Raavi: After contemplating his past, Shiva agrees to marry Raavi out of love for Dhara. He promises to be a loving father figure to Raavi’s child. Suman suggests they proceed with the wedding since the priest and other couples are present. Dhara proposes combining Dev and Rishitha’s wedding with Siva and Raavi’s. As events unfold, Siva experiences a sense of déjà vu.

Preparing for the Wedding and an Unexpected Twist

Siva gets ready for the wedding, and Rishitha embraces Raavi. Dev informs Dhara that he still hasn’t regained his memories. Dhara notices similarities between his behavior now and their past encounters. Dhara assures Raavi that she can change Siva through her love after the wedding and reminds her that Shiva’s behavior won’t change once they are married.

Arushi becomes suspicious: Dhara vows to fulfill her promise and make this wedding happen. Meanwhile, Malti tells Arushi that it’s all just a drama and warns her not to trust that they will come to pick her up. Gowtham arrives with the children and apologizes for the delay, explaining that the wedding venue has changed. Arushi becomes suspicious as Siva hasn’t informed her about any of this. Gowtham asks Arushi to take care of the children, and she senses something is not right.

Siva’s Dilemma and Arushi’s Troubles

Siva remembers Dhara’s words and realizes he must inform Arushi; otherwise, it would be unfair. The children ask Arushi to buy them ice cream, but she prioritizes her wedding. The children start misbehaving and demand that she feed them cake with her face covered in it. Arushi scolds them, thinking Dhara sent them to disrupt her wedding with Shiva.

Shiva reaches Arushi’s house: Meanwhile, the priest urges Dhara to call the groom, but Shiva reaches Arushi’s house and secretly takes her away. Dhara knocks on the door and asks Shiva to come out, unaware that he has already left with Arushi. Dhara tells Gowtham that Krish and Prerna’s wedding is over, and Siva has agreed to marry Raavi.

However, the children inform Gowtham that Arushi has left the house. Meanwhile, Siva gives money to the priest and asks him to quickly arrange their wedding. Malti tries to intervene, but Arushi assures her that no one will come between them this time. As everyone grows nervous with Siva’s absence at the wedding altar, Malti prays for a positive outcome.

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