Pandya Store 14 June 2023 Written Update: Raavi’s Concerns Deepen, Will Shiva Regain His Memories?

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of “Pandya Store” on 14 June 2023,Raavi worries about Shiva’s lost memories as the wedding day approaches, while Suman and Dhara offer their support and guidance.

Pandya Store 14 June 2023 Written Update

Arushi’s Shocking Discovery: Pandya Store Update Today Episode

In this episode, Arushi wipes off the haldi from her body and confronts her mother, Malti, about what happened. She is deeply hurt that her own mother would do such a thing. Malti confesses that they added something to the haldi and sent it to her. It seems like they are not supportive of this wedding and want Arushi to change her mind. However, Arushi stands firm and denies their claim.

Sangeet Function: Unsettling Tension

Meanwhile, the Pandya family is enjoying the Sangeet celebration, but a neighbor notices that their house is locked from the inside. She expresses her disappointment at not being invited to the function and asks Suman, one of the family members, if there is a special event happening. Suman explains that they want to avoid any disturbances. Dhara, another family member, takes Suman away, while Raavi seems unhappy. Suman notices Raavi’s discontent.

Unexpected Turn of Events: Revealing the Plan

As Siva goes to open the door, Suman throws a stick that accidentally hits his head. Suman accuses them of trying to ruin their happiness. Raavi urges Suman to control her anger and not spoil their plan. Arushi embraces Dhara and thanks her for adding something to her haldi, believing that the wedding will surely happen. Sweta tries to handle the situation, but Raavi warns her to avoid any actions she can’t handle. The Sangeet function resumes, and Dev and Rishita dance together.

Emotional Moments: Reflections on Motherhood

Amidst the celebrations, Suman and Dhara notice Siva dancing with Arushi. They interrupt the music and express their gratitude for the beautiful performance. The children clarify that their dance was not just a performance, but a heartfelt story about a mother’s sacrifice. This emotional tale touches everyone’s hearts, leading to hugs and tears.

Dhara looks at Chikku, and Malti closely observes Dhara’s actions. The children express their love and promise to fulfill their responsibilities. Dhara approaches Chikku, and Arushi notices Malti heading towards Dhara. Arushi suggests that they meet at the wedding, as she is going to marry Siva, giving them a chance to talk privately.

Wedding Plans and Secrets Unveiled

Dhara informs Arushi that the wedding will take place at their current venue, explaining that they couldn’t arrange a luxurious five-star hotel. If Arushi wants a different location, they won’t be able to attend. Siva complains that it’s his first wedding, not a second one like others. Arushi asks about the “bidai” ceremony, but Dhara explains that since everyone will be staying together, there is no need for it. Arushi convinces Siva and agrees to marry him at the current venue.

Departure and Unveiling Memories

Later, the Pandya family prepares to leave and packs their belongings. The neighbors inquire about their destination, and each family member provides random names to deceive them. Dhara mentions they are going on a summer vacation. They leave through the back door and return home. Gautham and Dhara get into an argument, while Siva checks his sherwani. Raavi places his wedding sherwani nearby, triggering flashbacks of his past.

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