Pandya Store 11 June 2023 Written Update (Today) | Pandya Store Upcoming Story Twist.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store on 11 June 2023, tensions rise as Dev’s betrayal and Raavi’s pretense create turmoil. Dhara confronts Sweta, leading to a shocking revelation. The episode is filled with emotional confrontations and unexpected twists.. Let’s find out what will happen in today’s upcoming episode!

Pandya Store 11 June 2023 Written Update

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Pandya Store 11 June 2023 Written Update

In the upcoming episode, Siva confronts Dev about betraying Raavi. Dev confesses his love for Rishita and expresses his desire for a divorce. Suman pretends to cry, and Dhara and others create a scene. Siva questions Gowtham for not considering anything while discussing the wedding. Raavi slaps Dev, shocking everyone. Raavi pretends to scold Dev for betraying her, claiming he doesn’t understand her love. She even threatens to end her life.

Suman’s Slap and the Divorce Papers

Suman slaps Dev, surprising him. She scolds him while he signs the divorce papers. Raavi is about to sign them too, but Siva stops her. He advises her to carefully think about this important decision. Raavi argues that Siva is not valuing her feelings and signs the divorce papers. Rishita suggests that Siva should marry Raavi if he truly cares for her. Dev tells Siva that he has no relationship with Raavi and encourages him to marry her. Dev takes Rishita with him to file the divorce papers in court.

Dhara’s Thoughts and Raavi’s Future

Arushi notices that Dhara seems concerned and won’t easily accept the situation. Suman expresses worry about Raavi’s future being destroyed. Siva is also worried about Raavi, but Dhara advises him to focus on his own wedding. She assures him that she will attend his wedding with Arushi. Dhara mentions that Raavi’s life will now be uncertain and that she has lost her happiness. Suman and Dhara console Raavi, while Siva looks disappointed. Arushi unpacks her luggage and informs Malti that she will stay because Dhara planned her wedding.

Raavi’s Dream and Arushi’s Surprise

Raavi notices Siva lost in his thoughts and gets confused. However, when she turns back, Siva is not there. Meanwhile, Arushi sneaks into Siva’s room and surprises him with a rose. She proposes to him and insists they dance together. Siva enjoys dancing with Arushi, but Raavi is shocked to see them. Raavi demands that Siva either send Arushi away or she will expose him to everyone. Siva shuts the door on Raavi’s face, leaving her shocked. Raavi wakes up from the dream, thinking it was a nightmare. She goes to check on Siva, finding him sleeping peacefully in his room.

Dhara’s Concern and Sweta’s Divorce Papers

Dhara realizes that if anything goes wrong during the wedding, the whole family will blame her. She wants everything to go smoothly this time. Rishita hugs her, and Dhara shares her workload. Krish expresses concerns about not understanding what’s going on in Sweta’s mind. Malti calls Dhara, but she declines the call. Rishita suggests that it’s not wrong to talk to her mother since she is her mom. However, Dhara insists on not talking to her.

Dhara Confronts Sweta and Shocking Revelation

Dhara tells Rishita that she has pending work and needs to finish it. Rishita informs Dhara that Sweta may not sign the divorce papers as Krish has already spoken with her. Dhara decides to handle the situation and confronts Sweta, questioning her about their promise and if something is brewing in her mind. Sweta admits to having some thoughts and receives a gift from Dhara, which she refuses to accept. Sweta believes that relationships are more important than money and hands the divorce papers to Dhara, asking her to return Chikku. Dhara is left shocked by Sweta’s unexpected request.

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