Pandya Store 10 June 2023 Written Update (Today) | Pandya Store Upcoming Story Twist.

Pandya Store Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store on 10 June 2023, Shweta regrets not valuing her family while hearing the Pandya family celebrate Prerna’s pregnancy. Meanwhile, Prerna hopes for a stable wedding, and Dhara agrees to accompany Shiva to Arushi’s house. Let’s find out what will happen in today’s upcoming episode!

Pandya Store Written Update Today 10 june 2023

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Pandya Store 10 June 2023 Written Update

In the upcoming episode of Pandya Store, Sweta is filled with remorse for her past mistakes and tries to express her love to Chikku. However, Chikku rejects her and ignores her pleas. Sweta’s efforts to make amends hit a roadblock, leaving her disheartened.

Arushi’s Suspicions

Arushi senses that Malti has something on her mind and decides to keep a close watch on her. To her surprise, Arushi comes across Dhara and Siva together. Dhara assigns a task to Siva, and he playfully feeds sweets to Arushi, revealing that they have agreed to Dhara’s desire to marry Siva. Dhara then gives sweets to Malti, implying that Arushi is following in her footsteps. Arushi is taken aback by these revelations.

Uncertainty Surrounding the Wedding

Krish raises questions about their upcoming wedding to Prerna, but she expresses doubts about whether Sweta has actually signed the divorce papers. Krish assures Prerna that he will handle the situation. However, Sweta overhears their conversation and confronts Krish, showing him the divorce papers and revealing her intention to give them to Dhara.

Turmoil within the Family

Dhara urges everyone to stick to the plan and instructs Siva to return home while she goes to the bank. However, Siva is shocked to find Dev and Rishita dancing together. Siva intervenes, but they playfully evade him. Back at home, Raavi anxiously awaits Siva’s return, and Suman notices her restless behavior. Raavi expresses her lack of trust in Dhara’s plan. Gowtham arrives and tries to romance Dhara, but she complains about the timing given the family’s troubles.

Heartbreak and Confrontation

Suman notices Siva’s arrival and pretends to scold Raavi for not serving him food on time. Siva senses that something is amiss and confronts Suman, revealing that Rishita, who is Dev’s friend’s wife, is staying in his room without anyone seeming to care. Siva deci

des to take action and packs Rishita’s belongings, demanding that she leave the house. However, Rishita refuses, and Dev proposes to her in front of everyone, causing heartbreak within the family. Siva confronts Dev about his feelings for Rishita and decides to grant Raavi the divorce she requested.

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