GHKKPM 14 June 2023 Written Update: Brave Journey, Urgent Mission, and Inner Struggle – Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein.

GHKKPM Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” on 14 June 2023, Savi embarks on a solo journey to meet Satya, while Virat rushes to the police station. Satya contemplates the decision to go to Germany.

GHKKPM 14 June 2023 Written Update

Savi’s Distress: Phone Call and Escape

In the upcoming episode, Savi tries to contact Virat and Sai, but they are unreachable. Worried, Savi decides to leave Chavan’s house and go to Sai’s house on her own. On her way, a stranger tries to snatch her phone, but she manages to get it back and runs away. While hiding, she overhears Bheema and his team planning an attack on Virat to free Ramakant.

Sai’s Concern: Searching for Savi

Sai wakes up and realizes her phone is off. She sees missed calls from Savi and calls her back, but Bheema’s men hear the ringing. Savi escapes while they investigate. Savi answers Sai’s call and explains that she left home and is now scared of some bad people. Sai asks for her live location and advises her to hide until she arrives.

Virat’s Alert: Finding Savi

Virat instructs his team to be careful while transferring Ramakant to another prison. He receives Sai’s call, informing him about Savi leaving home and asking him to reach her live location quickly. Virat contacts Ninad and expresses his disappointment in their irresponsible behavior. Ninad promises to check on it and informs the family members. Bhavani compares Savi’s actions to her mother’s, but Ashwini advises her not to think that way.

Savi’s Encounter: Virat’s Arrival

Bheema and his men leave the area without finding Savi. Virat arrives and finds Savi there. He questions why she left home like that, and Savi explains that Bhavani asked her not to go to Germany, so she wanted someone to take her to her mom’s place, but no one was available. Feeling lonely, she decided to leave on her own. Virat advises her not to repeat this mistake, and Savi agrees.

Critical Information: Savi’s Revelation

As Sai prepares to take Savi with her, Savi stops her and reveals what she overheard. She shares the plan she heard from the “Bad Uncle” about harming Virat first to free Ramakant. Virat asks for more details, and Savi explains everything, including the location where they plan to target Virat’s car in Gandhi Nagar. Sai and Virat listen attentively, aware of the danger ahead.

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