GHKKPM 16 June 2023 Written Update: Satya’s Unexpected Proposal Leaves Virat Stunned in Ghum Hai.

GHKKPM Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode of “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” on 16 June 2023, Satya surprises Virat with an unexpected proposal. Satya expresses his understanding of Virat’s love for Sai and offers to reunite them, emphasizing the importance of Savi’s happiness.

GHKKPM 16 June 2023 Written Update

GHKKPM 16 June 2023 Written Update: Unexpected Proposal

Satya’s Plea: The episode starts with Satya talking to Virat about how it would be good if he and Sai reconcile for the sake of their children. Satya doesn’t want to be the reason for breaking Virat’s happy family, and he tried to convey this to Sai. But Sai loves Virat deeply and doesn’t want to leave Satya in his condition.

Virat is confused and asks Satya about the love he mentioned. Satya reveals that their marriage was just a deal to prevent Vinu’s family from breaking apart. This revelation shocks Virat. Satya suggests that since Pakhi is no longer in Virat’s life, it would be better if he and Sai reunite out of love and for the sake of their children.

Virat’s Doubts and Satya’s Belief

Virat asks if Satya spoke to Sai about this. Satya confirms that he did, and although Sai didn’t deny her love, she stated that her responsibility surpasses her feelings. Virat believes that no one can convince Sai to come back to him, but Satya insists that Sai will return because of her immense love for Virat.

Satya believes they will be happy together, just like his parents. Satya leaves, and Virat reminisces about his moments with Sai.

Vinu’s Disappointment and Virat’s Yearning

Ashwini tries to persuade Vinu to eat, but he refuses, feeling upset about Sai and Savi leaving for Germany. Vinu expresses his frustration, feeling like everyone is leaving him without considering his feelings. Bhavani blames Sai for their problems, but Ashwini defends Sai. Meanwhile, Virat tearfully wonders if he and Sai will ever be together again.

Savi’s Gift and Ashwini’s Hope

Savi wishes Sai a Happy Guru Purnima, acknowledging her as her first Guru. Sai feels that she is no longer needed, but Savi reassures her that she will always need her. Savi gives Sai one of Virat’s shirts as a gift, so Sai can feel his presence with her in Germany.

Sai becomes emotional and packs the shirt in her luggage. Ashwini shares her belief with Bhavani and Ninad that it would be good for Virat and Vinu to visit the Siddhivinayak temple in Mumbai, hoping that Lord Ganesha’s blessings will reunite Sai and Virat. Bhavani and Ninad remind her that Sai is married, but Ashwini believes that anything is possible with divine blessings.

The Departure and Ramakant’s Art

The next day, Sai, Savi, and Satya are ready for their journey. Amba asks why they are leaving early, and Sai explains that she plans to visit the Vinayak temple before heading to the airport. The family members bid them farewell and wish them a safe return. In jail, Ramakant draws a painting of a plane explosion, believing that their Plan B will be executed that day.

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