Anupama 9th August 2023 Written Update: Malti’s Confusion and Anupama’s Explanation.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Anupama” 9th August 2023 Episode Written Update By

Anupama 9th August 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa Written Update Today (9th August 2023)

In the new episode of the TV show, Anupama takes Malti Devi to a special place called Gurukul. She talks about three different ways to find God, which is like finding something very special. Anupama explains that one of these ways is by being a mother. But Malti is confused and asks why Anupama is talking like a teacher. Anupama says that a mother is like a teacher who can help her child no matter where they are.

Malti’s Confusion

Malti doesn’t understand why Anupama is giving her advice. Anupama tells Malti that only a mother can be strong like a teacher, and she sees Malti as a motherly figure. But Malti disagrees and tells Anupama that she shouldn’t be trying to teach her anything.

Anupama makes it clear that she’s not acting like a teacher anymore. She also thinks that Malti is not a good teacher because she can’t show love and forgiveness to others. Anupama shares that she understood Malti’s anger and was even ready to apologize, but she won’t let Malti harm her children. Anupama explains that Malti tried to hurt her daughter Anu, and that’s not acceptable.

Anupama’s Concern for Her Children

Anupama feels sad that Malti is targeting her daughter Anu. She warns Malti to stop hurting her children. Malti disagrees and thinks Anupama can’t do anything to stop her. However, Anupama believes that a mother can do anything to protect her child. She advises Malti to stay away from her kids and to think positively. Malti and someone named Nakul are surprised, while Anupama is shocked outside Gurukul.

Anuj’s Support and Resolution

Anuj talks to Anupama about Malti Devi’s visit. He asks her about what happened. Anupama shares that Malti was unkind to Anu. Anuj feels sad because Malti has a good reputation, but her behavior isn’t nice. He believes that Malti should understand her mistake now.

Anupama wants to fix the problems between her and Malti. Anuj agrees, and they decide to work together to make things better. They share a hug, and Anuj suggests they go outside. He encourages Anupama to dance, as she is good at teaching dance.

Anuj and Anupama’s Dance

Anuj and Anupama dance together to a song. Anupama feels happy and supported by Anuj. They spend a wonderful time together, and it brings out strong emotions in Anupama. Anuj tries his best to make her feel better.

Family Conversations

Paritosh talks to Vanraj about Pari being happy. Another person named Leela talks about Vanraj’s child. Someone named Kinjal enters and shares that she has to attend meetings for someone named Rakhi. Paritosh promises to take care of Pari. Leela and Hasmuk assure Kinjal that she doesn’t need to worry about household tasks. Kinjal expresses her gratitude to Paritosh, Leela, and Hasmuk.

Leela asks another person named Kavya to make tea for Vanraj, but he declines. Leela and Hasmuk suspect that Vanraj and Kavya might be facing some problems between them.

In the end, the TV show’s story brought out important lessons about love, family, and understanding. Anupama and her loved ones faced challenges, but they worked together to find solutions. This episode showed how strong a mother’s care can be and how important it is to support each other in tough times.

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