Anupama 5th August 2023 Written Update: Pakhi’s Advice and Adhik’s Reaction.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Anupama” 5th August 2023 Episode Written Update By

Anupama 5th August 2023 Written Update

Anupamaa Written Update Today (5th August 2023)

In the next episode, Pakhi talks to Adhik about not getting angry with Romil. Adhik doesn’t like Pakhi’s advice and asks her not to touch him. Pakhi advises Adhik to stay out of Barkha and Ankush’s issues. Anupama asks Anuj about Ankush’s past, and he reveals that Ankush faced problems before.

During that time, Ankush got close to another woman who eventually left because she didn’t want to take care of Romil. Anupama is disgusted by this revelation.

Pakhi’s Efforts to Help Adhik

Pakhi tries to comfort Adhik by offering him water, but he ignores her. She warns him that she could report him to the police if he becomes violent again. Adhik challenges Pakhi, and she shares her own past experiences to show she understands him.

Anupama accuses Ankush of betraying Barkha and brings up her own past with Vanraj. She wonders if Ankush would have forgiven Barkha for the same mistake. Pakhi encourages Adhik to make a fresh start and save their relationship despite the problems.

Anupama’s Concerns and Secrets

Anupama gets angry with Ankush, but Anuj senses that something else is bothering her. Anupama keeps a secret about Kavya from Anuj. Pakhi continues to encourage Adhik to save their relationship, while Anupama feels sorry for Romil, who has been labeled as illegitimate. Anuj calms Anupama down and suggests she check on Anu (presumably someone else).

Kavya’s Worry and Vanraj’s Confession

Kavya tells Anupama that Vanraj is missing, which worries her. Anupama advises Kavya to talk to Vanraj and reveal the truth. Late at night, Vanraj asks Anupama to talk to him, and he confides in her about his pain. Anupama advises him to talk to Kavya about it. Vanraj feels guilty about betraying Anupama in the past and believes he’s suffering as a consequence. He regrets his actions.

Vanraj’s Request

Anupama reminds Vanraj to consider the baby, but he refuses to take responsibility for Kavya’s child and asks Anupama not to tell Anuj about it. This is the upcoming episode story of the TV serial.

In the next episode, tensions rise as Pakhi tries to help Adhik and Anupama confronts a shocking revelation. Vanraj grapples with guilt and makes a difficult request. Stay tuned to see how their stories unfold in this gripping TV serial!

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