Anupama 24 June 2023 Written Update: Anupama’s Comforting Gesture and Malti Devi’s Support.

Anupama Written Update Today: In the Upcoming Episode of Anupama on 24 June 2023, Malti Devi questions Anupama about her conversation with Nakul. Anupama explains Nakul’s guilt over her injury, while Malti Devi reassures him. Anupama then struggles to walk with her injured foot.

Anupama 24 June 2023 Written Update

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Anupama TV Show Written Update Today (24 June 2023)

In the upcoming episode of Anupama on 24th June 2023, Malti Devi enters the room and asks Anupama about her conversation with Nakul. Anupama explains that Nakul was feeling guilty because she got injured during a competition, and she was comforting him.

Malti Devi tells Nakul that it’s not his fault and he shouldn’t blame himself. Anupama decides to go home to take care of her wound, and Malti Devi looks worried about her.

Later, Malti Devi asks Nakul if he now understands why she chose Anupama as her successor instead of him. Nakul admits that Anupama is the right person for that position.

Anupama comes out with her injured foot and finds it difficult to walk straight on the street.

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