Anupama 2 July 2023 Written Update: Anupama’s Confusion, Maya’s Accusation.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Anupama” 2nd July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Anupama 2 July 2023 Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today (2 July 2023)

Maya’s Demand: Anupama asks Anuj to tell her what Maya is saying, but Anuj remains silent. Maya suggests that Anupama should quit dancing and become an actor instead. She reveals that Anuj is planning to go to the USA with Anupama. Maya wants Anuj to admit that he is hiding this plan from Anupama.

Maya’s Anger: Ankush questions Maya’s right to interrogate Anuj, as he is his brother. Maya gets angry and challenges Ankush’s authority to question her. Ankush insists that he has the right to ask the same question since he is Anuj’s brother. Maya claims that Anuj is her responsibility and continues to interrogate him.

Worries and Abnormal Behavior: The Shah family becomes concerned about Anupama’s well-being. Anuj explains that he is answering Maya’s questions because she questioned Anupama. He clarifies that his trip to the USA is for business purposes. Maya laughs and accuses Anuj of trying to deceive her. Anuj asks Maya to stop acting crazy.

Maya’s Outburst: Maya accuses Anuj of deceiving her along with Anupama. She becomes furious and curses Anupama, expressing her desire for Anupama to die. Everyone is shocked by Maya’s behavior, and they realize that something is not right with her. Anu tells Kinjal that Maya threw a plate when Anupama entered the house.

Anuj’s Stand: Kanta slaps Maya for her actions and scolds Anuj for not being able to handle Maya. Kanta questions Anuj’s responsibility towards Maya. Anuj responds strongly to Maya, apologizes to Anupama for the trouble caused, and asks her to go back home.

Anuj declares that he is no longer afraid and will make a decision. He asks Kanta to take Anupama home as he is ashamed of Maya’s behavior. Anupama and Anuj become emotional while Maya loses control.

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