YRKKH 4 July 2023 Written Update: Abhir’s Heartbreaking Revelation – Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai.

YRKKH Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai” 4th July 2023 Episode Written Update By Buzzfy.in

YRKKH 4 July 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Today (4 July 2023)

Abhimanyu’s Restlessness: In this episode, Abhimanyu is feeling restless and wonders why everyone can’t have everything they want. He remembers Akshara’s situation and wants to find a way to talk to her. He decides to call Abhinav for help.

A Bittersweet Victory: Arohi comes and offers Abhimanyu sweets because he won something, but Abhimanyu feels like a loser. He explains that although he won their relationship, he feels guilty. He asserts that no one can question his fatherhood and that he won’t let anyone stop Akshara from seeing their son, Abhir.

Discovering Abhir: Abhimanyu admits that he was unaware of Abhir when he discussed their relationship with Arohi, but once he found out, he couldn’t stay away from Abhir. He shares how upset he felt when Manish said that if he lost, Abhir would never know his real father. Arohi notices that Abhimanyu doesn’t seem happy despite his victory.

Concern for Akshara: Arohi asks if Akshara’s condition is bothering him, and Abhimanyu explains that he can empathize with what Akshara and Abhinav might be going through because he has seen many things in the operation theater. He worries about Akshara’s well-being.

The Truth Revealed: Arohi brings up Ruhi, and Abhimanyu assures her that Ruhi will always be his daughter. Arohi suggests that they should tell Abhir the truth, and Abhimanyu agrees, believing that Ruhi and Abhir have a long journey ahead of them. Akshara and Abhinav return.

Abhir’s Emotional Rollercoaster: Abhir celebrates, but Akshara and Abhinav look shocked. Abhir asks if Akshara and Abhinav won the case. He expresses his desire to be with them and says he doesn’t want to go to his biological father. However, Akshara informs Abhir that they lost the case, and he becomes upset.

Abhir locks himself in a room, and Abhinav pleads with him to open the door. After some emotional moments, Abhir finally opens the door, expressing that he can’t live without them. They share a heartfelt reunion, symbolizing their unbreakable bond.

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