YRKKH 18 June 2023 Written Update: Muskaan Faces Hidden Fears While Akshara Digs Deeper.

YRKKH Written Update Today: Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai 18 June 2023 Episode Written Update on Buzzfy.in

YRKKH 18 June 2023 Written Update

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai Written Update Today

Muskaan’s Worries:

In today’s episode, Neelima urges Akshara and Muskaan to get ready quickly for the wedding. Muskaan seems stressed, and Akshara asks her what’s bothering her. Muskaan receives a message from Dev but decides to hide its content from Akshara. She shares her concerns about Neelima’s well-being in her absence.

Akshara reassures Muskaan, reminding her that they will take care of Neelima, and advises her to focus on the wedding preparations instead. Muskaan decides not to burden Akshara further and keeps her worries to herself.

Joyful Haldi Ceremony

The haldi celebration begins with Kairav and Muskaan seated for the ceremony. Akshara playfully applies turmeric to Kairav’s face, and they engage in a fun chase. Manish joins in and also applies turmeric to Kairav. The Goenkas and Sharmas celebrate with dancing and joy during the haldi ceremony. However, Kairav seems stressed amidst the celebrations.

Ruhi and Abhir’s Mission

Ruhi and Abhir embark on a mission to find Abhir’s real father. Ruhi questions Abhir about his love for Abhinav and his curiosity about his biological father. She expresses concerns about the possibility of his real father being a bad person. Abhir dismisses these worries, stating that he will focus on the positives. Ruhi starts searching for a solution to their quest.

Playful Moments and Tensions

During the celebrations, Akshara asks Abhinav to fetch more haldi. Abhinav playfully pours haldi on Surekha, leading to playful haldi smearing among the families. Muskaan becomes tense upon receiving a call from Dev. Meanwhile, Abhir and Ruhi’s attempt to find Abhir’s real father takes an amusing turn with their unique approach. They try to match screams by dropping a glass on people’s feet, but their plan doesn’t bring any conclusive results.

Water Play and Suspicious Moments

Surekha requests water for a bath, and Akshara helps her with Abhimanyu’s assistance. Abhinav hesitates to participate. Later, the families play with water, creating a joyful atmosphere. Arohi and Akshara feel happy seeing Ruhi with Abhimanyu and Abhinav with Abhir.

However, tensions rise when Dev spots Kairav and Muskaan together, and Abhimanyu becomes suspicious. Muskaan tries to arrange money, while Kairav has a conversation with Manish. The Goenkas and Sharmas are left stunned when they see a video of Muskaan and Dev together.

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