Tori Kelly’s Battle with Blood Clots and the Celebration of Love (25 July 2023)

Tori Kelly, the 30-year-old singer, had to go to the hospital on a Sunday evening while having dinner in downtown Los Angeles. TMZ said she fainted, and that’s why she needed to be in the hospital. The doctors found blood clots in her legs and lungs. She has been going in and out of being awake while being taken care of in the Intensive Care Unit.

Tori Kelly's Battle with Blood Clots

Tori’s 30th Birthday Party: A Fun 2K-Themed Celebration

In a talk she had in March, Tori Kelly talked about her recent 30th birthday party. She had a big celebration with a 2K-themed party that was super fun. It was like her music video coming to life, with a vibe inspired by the early 2000s and late 90s for her current music project. The party had dancing, fun, and a chance to explore this new era of music.

A Time for Creativity and Confidence

Someone in their 50s encouraged Tori to enjoy her 30s. They said it’s a time for more creativity and feeling confident in yourself. Tori is excited about this new phase in her life. She already feels more sure of herself and comfortable in her own skin, and this is influencing her music in a positive way.

Love and Milestones

Tori talked about her personal life, mentioning that she’s about to celebrate her fifth wedding anniversary. She’s very happy and grateful to have such a supportive partner. They have experienced many special moments together. As for their anniversary plans, they might celebrate big or keep it simple, depending on their schedules.

Focusing on the Moment

When asked if she sang at her wedding, Tori decided not to. Some people asked if she would perform, but she wanted to fully enjoy the moment with her husband. Singing at her wedding didn’t feel right, and she didn’t want the added pressure. She wanted to cherish the experience without any distractions.

Tori Kelly’s Her Husband: Tori’s Biggest Fan

Tori’s husband ( is her biggest fan. He shows his excitement and support when he stands tall at six feet seven inches during award shows and performances. He loves her music and career and isn’t shy about showing it.

Life with Husband: Fun and Handy

Being married to someone so tall is fun for Tori. She jokes about how handy he must be at home, reaching high places and helping with tasks that might be harder for someone shorter like her.

In conclusion, Tori Kelly’s recent hospitalization because of blood clots has made her fans worried. Her 2K-themed birthday party and her excitement about her 30s show her love for music and how she’s growing as an artist. Her relationship with her husband is strong, and they are looking forward to celebrating five years of marriage. With her husband’s support, Tori is ready to face the future with confidence and creativity.

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