Teri Meri Doriyaann 6th August 2023 Written Update: Sahiba and Inder’s Disagreement.

TMD Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Teri Meri Doriyaann” 6th August 2023 Episode Written Update By Buzzfy.in


Teri Meri Doriyaann Written Update Today (6th August 2023)

Today’s episode begins with Inder reminding Sahiba about Manveer’s condition and arguing with her. Inder is worried and wants to take Simran away because he fears that she might be hurt and resent him in the future if she finds out about Manveer’s condition. However, Sahiba disagrees with this approach. She believes that running away won’t solve the problem and will only make Simran feel bad about herself.

Sahiba advises Inder to face the issues directly and help Simran accept who she is and live with pride. She thinks it’s the right thing to do and then leaves the room. While Simran is sleeping, she asks Sahiba for water. But Angad sees Simran asking and gives her water, thinking he’s Sahiba. When Sahiba comes into the room, she tells Angad that she wants to talk to him about Simran.

Angad asks if she wants to discuss Simran’s future, and Sahiba confirms it. She asks Angad if he believes that Simran should live with dignity. Angad makes a comment, saying that Simran will always be a Sachdeva and not a Brar. Sahiba worries that Inder might do something drastic if they don’t handle the situation carefully.

Angad wonders what Inder could do to make things worse. Sahiba reveals that Inder wants to leave the house with Simran. She explains that she talked to Inder, trying to convince him not to do that, and asks Angad to talk to Inder as well. But Angad seems uninterested, saying it’s Inder’s decision, and goes to sleep.

Meanwhile, Jasleen is preparing for Kiara’s arrival. When Jabjyot asks about the decorations, Veer informs her that Kiara’s flight will land in a few minutes. Jasleen explains that Kiara is coming home on Daughter’s Day, and she wants to make it a special day for her. Jabjyot wishes her daughters a happy Daughter’s Day.

Jasleen talks to Sahiba and shares her desire not to see her during the celebrations because Simran is always around her. She asks Sahiba to keep Simran away from the party. Sahiba questions Jasleen’s attitude, reminding her that she accepted Simran as a Brar. But Jasleen says that she won’t consider Simran a Brar anymore since Akaal rejected her, and everyone in the house is against Simran. Inder overhears this conversation and tries to talk to Jasleen.

Simran finds a “Welcome Kiara” board and asks Inder who Kiara is. Inder tells her that Kiara is her Bua’s daughter and her sister, which makes Simran happy. Inder wishes Simran a happy Daughter’s Day. Jasleen questions Inder for wishing Simran and tells her to play in the room. Inder asks Jasleen what she means. Jasleen explains that Kiara is returning home after a long time, and she doesn’t want Simran’s secret to be revealed in front of Kiara, so Simran shouldn’t attend the party.

Jasleen sees Simran taking a hairband and cupcake and scolds her for touching them. She tells Simran that she can’t participate in the Daughter’s Day party and asks her to leave. Confused, Simran asks Inder why Bua is ordering her not to attend the function. Jasleen clarifies that she is not her Bua. Inder confronts Jasleen for her rude behavior, but Sahiba intervenes, telling Inder not to argue with Jasleen, and takes Simran inside. Jasleen agrees with Sahiba’s decision.

Sahiba takes Simran to the kitchen to make cupcakes. When Kiara arrives, everyone welcomes her. Kiara thanks Jasleen for arranging a surprise for her and asks about Sahiba. Jasleen advises Kiara to forget Sahiba, but Kiara says she can never forget Sahiba and what she did to her.

Kiara meets Sahiba in the kitchen, where Simran wishes her. Kiara doesn’t recognize Simran, and Sahiba changes the topic by offering her juice. Simran asks Kiara if she can participate in the Daughter’s Day party, and Kiara agrees. Sahiba asks Simran to drink the juice and inquires about Kiara’s well-being. Kiara feels better and thanks Sahiba for helping her start fresh. Simran leaves the kitchen, and Sahiba becomes worried when she notices Simran’s absence.

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