Teri Meri Doriyaan 20 June 2023 Written Update: Sahiba’s Pregnancy News Sparks Tension.

Teri Meri Doriyaann Written Update Today: In the upcoming episode on 20 June 2023, In the next episode, Sahiba’s pregnancy news creates mixed reactions within the family. Angad grows suspicious, Kiara faces a difficult choice, and Sahiba tries to navigate her family’s expectations.

Teri Meri Doriyaan 20 June 2023 Written Update

Teri Meri Doriyaan Written Update Today Episode

Angad’s Call with Ajith: The episode begins with Angad receiving a call from Ajith. Ajith asks to speak to Sahiba, and Angad agrees. He also has good news to share with Ajith. Angad reveals that Sahiba is pregnant, which brings joy to Ajith. However, Angad wonders why Sahiba hasn’t told her family about the pregnancy yet.

Inder and Manveer’s Discussion

Inder and Manveer discuss Sahiba’s pregnancy but have different opinions. Inder believes that Sahiba being pregnant means Angad has accepted her as his wife. On the other hand, Manveer suspects that Sahiba may be having an affair. Angad overhears Manveer’s assumption and becomes suspicious of Sahiba.

Kiara’s Meeting with Jatin

Kiara meets Jatin at a restaurant and shares the news of Sahiba’s pregnancy. Jatin is happy but expresses concerns about how the baby might affect Kiara’s career. They have a disagreement, and Jatin suggests that Kiara consider aborting the baby. Kiara is left feeling conflicted after this conversation.

Sahiba’s Phone Call with Kiara

Kiara calls Sahiba and tells her about the conversation with Jatin, who advised her to have an abortion. Sahiba is surprised by this revelation. Angad overhears Sahiba talking on the phone and discussing abortion. He confronts Sahiba, questioning who she is talking to and whether she is having an affair. Sahiba asks Angad not to say something he might regret later and leaves.

Sahiba’s Conversation with Kiara

Sahiba calls Kiara and expresses her disbelief at Jatin’s suggestion. Kiara shares her desire to keep the baby but mentions Jatin’s disagreement. Sahiba promises to talk to Jatin about it, and Kiara agrees to call him the next day.

Sahiba’s Interaction with Kirat

Sahiba notices missed calls from Kirat and calls her back. Kirat congratulates Sahiba on her pregnancy and even suggests that the child might become a wrestler. Kirat questions Sahiba’s lack of happiness, but Sahiba brushes it off. Santosh takes the phone and assures Sahiba that occasional worries about the baby are normal. Sahiba requests her mother not to disclose the news to others before ending the call.

Family Discussions

The next day, Jabjyot feeds Sahiba halwa with her own hands and declares that she will take care of Sahiba since modern girls don’t know how to care for a baby. Jabjyot assigns Seerat the responsibility of looking after Sahiba. Jasleen asks Sahiba if she wants to keep the baby since Sahiba doesn’t seem happy in the marriage. Sahiba emphasizes the importance of her family and their happiness. Gurleen comments on Jasleen’s statement, and Jabjyot asks Angad to take Sahiba to the hospital. However, Angad postpones the discussion and leaves the room.

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