Imlie 15 July 2023 Written Update: Imlie’s Heartbreaking Conversation with Devika.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Imlie” 15th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Imlie 15 July 2023 Written Update

Imlie Written Update Today (15 July 2023)

In this episode, Imlie talks to Devika and tells her that she feels more pain than Devika does. She reminds Arto that his mother raised him, but he disappointed her too. She asks why Kairi had to be taken away from her mother. Kairi was bullied by other kids at summer camp because her mother wasn’t there. Kairi came to Delhi to find her mother, but Arto didn’t tell her that Imlie is her mother.

Imlie’s Plea to Arto

Chini and Arto tried to separate them, but they failed. Imlie asks Arto to give her all the moments she missed with Kairi, like her first steps and her first cry. These are special moments that a mother treasures, but Imlie couldn’t be there for them. She tells Arto that he should decide his punishment for what he has done. Imlie sits heartbroken, and Arto feels disheartened.

Devika and Rudra’s Conversation

Devika tells Rudra that he was right from the start. Rudra had doubts about Chini when she couldn’t answer the doctor’s questions. Devika admits her guilt too. Imlie searches for Kairi and calls her name. Kairi tells Imlie to find her. Imlie cries and confesses that she is Kairi’s mother and can’t stay away from her any longer.

Arto’s Remorse and Devika’s Scolding

Kairi steps forward and reveals that Arto asked her to call Imlie her mother. Arto, feeling sorry, apologizes to Imlie as she leaves with Kairi. Devika stops him and scolds him for separating Imlie from her child. She tells him that he shouldn’t have made Imlie cry because she did nothing wrong. Arto promises to seek forgiveness and apologize to Imlie.

Imlie’s Decision to Leave

Rudra says that Imlie is very upset and won’t accept Arto’s apology. Devika says Arto doesn’t have the right to be sad because he hurt Imlie. Arto decides to apologize and goes to Imlie’s room. He finds a note from Imlie saying she’s leaving forever and he shouldn’t try to find her.

Arto’s Plea to Stop Imlie

Arto rushes to stop Imlie and begs her not to take Kairi away from her grandparents. Imlie responds by saying that he didn’t stop for them five years ago, so why should she? She feels that he left her as if she meant nothing to him. Arto begs Imlie not to leave and asks what he can do to stop her. Imlie swears on Kairi that he won’t be able to stop her. She leaves while the song “Dil de Diya hai” plays in the background.

In this emotional episode, Imlie faces heartbreak and decides to leave. Arto pleads with her, but she remains determined to move on. The story unfolds with an intense background song.

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