Barsatein 24 July 2023 Written Update: Riyansh will slap Aradhana.

Barsatein Written Update: Sony TV Serial “Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka” 24th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Barsatein 24 July 2023 Written Update

Barsatein Serial Written Update Today (24 July 2023)

In the story of the ongoing TV serial Barsatein, we have seen that Riyaansh was very angry with Aaradhna and Vikram before because Riyaansh thought that Aaradhna wanted to marry Vikram. However, when Riyaansh discovered the truth about Vikram and Aaradhna, his anger towards Aaradhna faded away, and he started to fall in love with her. Aaradhna also began to feel closer to Riyaansh.

But now, a big twist is about to come in the story. Yes, friends, Riyaansh is planning to take revenge on Aaradhna for slapping him, which happened in the past. Now that Riyaansh knows that Aaradhna is getting closer to him, he wants to return the slap.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that Riyaansh will bring a gift for Aaradhna, and it seems like he will propose to her. However, things will take a different turn as Riyaansh is also planning to slap Aaradhna in return. There will be a fight between them, and they might end up going separate ways.

So, the love story of Riyaansh and Aaradhna will take an interesting turn. How will their fight end? We will have to watch the upcoming episodes of the serial to find out.

Stay tuned for the thrilling twist of Riyaansh and Aaradhna’s love story in the upcoming episodes. Don’t miss the exciting twists and turns!

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