Barsatein 1st August 2023 Written Update: Aaradhana and Riyaansh separated.

Barsatein Written Update: Sony TV Serial “Barsatein – Mausam Pyaar Ka” 1st August 2023 Episode Written Update By

Barsatein 1st August 2023 Written Update

Barsatein Serial Written Update Today (1st August 2023)

Friends, today’s upcoming episode of the sony tv serial ‘Barsaatein’ is going to be very exciting, as we’ll witness a lot of drama between Riyaansh and Aaradhana. In this episode, something significant will happen that will create a distance between Riyaansh and Aaradhana.

When Aaradhana went to meet a guy named Mayank at the hotel, Riyaansh followed her and saw Aaradhana going into the hotel room with that guy. To find out the truth, Riyaansh called Aaradhana, and she explained that she had gone there for medical work .

However, Riyaansh felt betrayed because he saw her going into the hotel room with that guy.

In today’s episode, Riyaansh visits Aaradhana’s house and tells her parents that he is taking Aaradhana with him to the office because he wants to make a big announcement about their relationship.

Then, Riyaansh takes Aaradhana to the office and humiliates her in front of everyone, saying, “Aaradhana, you are a big cheater. You deceived me, so now leave my life.”

Confused and hurt by Riyaansh’s words, Aaradhana leaves. Will Aaradhana and Riyaansh’s relationship end even before it starts?

Tune in to ‘Barsaatein’ for an intense episode filled with drama! Will Riyaansh and Aaradhana’s love story survive? Don’t miss the exciting twists and turns! Stay tuned for more captivating episodes!

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