Anupama 3 July 2023 Written Update: Anupama’s Upcoming Trip To America.

Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Anupama” 3rd July 2023 Episode Written Update By

Anupama 3 July 2023 Written Update

Anupama Written Update Today (3 July 2023)

Maya’s Frustration: Maya is really upset with Anupama and wants her out of Anuj’s life. She believes that Anupama has left her with no other choice and is determined not to spare her. However, Anupama remains strong in the face of Maya’s anger.

Anupama Seeks Solitude: Anupama confides in her friend Kanta and assures her that she is doing fine. She asks Kanta to give her some alone time. Kanta advises Anupama to not let Maya ruin her mood. Anupama insists that she is not upset because of Maya and even calls her unstable.

Troubled Thoughts and Dreams: Maya’s mind is troubled, and she dreams about Anupama taking away her happiness. In her dream, Maya believes that Anupama must die for her to have a chance with Anuj. Anupama senses the danger, but it turns out to be only Maya’s dream. Maya, overwhelmed by anger, destroys her own room.

Anupama’s Encounter: Anupama eventually meets Maya again. Anuj questions Kanta about why she brought Anupama back. Bhavesh speculates that Anupama has a plan in mind. Kanta reveals that Anupama didn’t listen to her. Anuj worries about how Maya will react. Anupama helps fix Maya’s room, but Maya questions her intentions. Anuj decides to keep an eye on Anupama while Kanta and Bhavesh leave the scene.

Anupama’s Message to Maya: Anupama shares a Lord Ganesh idol with Maya, advising her to hold it tightly whenever she gets angry. Anupama takes the opportunity to lecture Maya about love and family. She emphasizes that Maya can never separate her from Anuj. Anupama explains that their separation is for Anu’s sake, and she urges Maya to think about Anu’s feelings. Anupama reminds Maya that as a mother, she should be teaching Anu important life lessons.

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