Bigg Boss OTT News: Jad Hadid opened up his pants during a fight with Bebika Dhurve, which made Salman Khan angry.

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2: In recent episodes of Bigg Boss (WeekendKaVaar), a heated argument between contestants Bebika dhurve and Jad hadid took a shocking turn when Jad removed his pants during the argument. Salman Khan scolded Jad for his behavior in the weekend episode.

Bigg Boss OTT News today 2 july 2023

Bigg Boss OTT Season 2 News Update Today (2 July 2023)

Argument Turns Shocking: In recent episodes of Bigg Boss OTT Season 2, there have been a lot of fights and controversies. One argument between contestants Bebika Dhurve and Jad Hadid took an unexpected turn. During the argument, Jad Hadid shocked everyone by removing his pants, leaving everyone stunned. Bebika, in response, threatened to leave the show.

What Happened

Bebika and Jad Hadid were engaged in a heated argument during the show. Bebika often says things to provoke Jad, but he usually doesn’t react much. However, this time, Jad became extremely bothered by Bebika’s words and did something inappropriate. He lowered his pants in front of everyone, revealing his private parts. This video quickly went viral on social media, and Jad faced a lot of criticism.

Salman Khan’s Response

Following the incident, Salman Khan scolded Jad during the weekend episode. Salman expressed his disappointment, saying that he would have reacted differently if he were in Jad’s place. Jad apologized and mentioned having a four-year-old daughter. Salman reprimanded him, stating that he should have thought about his daughter before behaving in such a way. Jad and Aakansha remained the center of discussion throughout the weekend episode.

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