GHKKPM 19 July 2023 Written Update: Harini’s Explanation to Bhavani – Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein.

GHKKPM  Written Update Today: Star Plus TV Serial “Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein” 19th July 2023 Episode Written Update By

GHKKPM  Written Update Today 19 July 2023

Ghum Hai Kisi Ke Pyar Mein Written Update Today (19 July 2023)

Today’s episode starts with Reeva coming back home to Mumbai. She’s surprised to see decorations and a cake, and her parents, Swati and Swanan, come out to congratulate her for achieving her dream. They ask her to cut the cake, but Reeva tells them she doesn’t want to leave her boyfriend, Ishaan, for her dream. This surprises her parents, especially Swanan, who suggests she can get married after coming back from London. Reeva explains that Ishaan has been through tough times, and she can’t leave him alone.

Swati gets angry and insists that Reeva shouldn’t give up her dream for Ishaan’s problems. There’s a tense moment, but Swanan stops Swati from getting physical. Upset, Reeva goes inside, and Swanan tries to comfort her. Swati decides to separate Ishaan and Reeva and force Reeva to go to London.

Reeva calls Ishaan and tells him about her mom’s anger. Ishaan asks if she can come for their engagement, and Reeva assures him she will and asks for a grand welcome. Ishaan happily plans the decorations, and his friends, Shantanu and Yashwant, are happy to see him so joyful.

Meanwhile, Bhavani and Vinu guide the decorators for an event. Ninad looks sad, and Bhavani asks him not to think about his brother, Om, who left them. Bhavani then asks Harini to get Savi ready for Gauri’s puja.

Savi is feeling emotional and missing her parents. Harini and Ashwini talk to her, explaining the importance of the puja, and Savi agrees to get ready.

Swanan checks if Reeva’s packing is ready, and she confirms everything is set. However, when he asks Swati if she is ready, there is no response from her. They find her in a locked room, burning Tara’s belongings. Swati blames Reeva for ruining her life and killing her sister’s dream. She believes that true love should support one’s dreams, but Ishaan’s fears are holding Reeva back. Swati questions Swanan about his opinion, and he agrees that Ishaan is not right for doing so. Swati collapses emotionally, and they help her.

Meanwhile, Savi performs the Gauri puja. Isha arrives at Savi’s place and talks to her privately. Swanan asks Swati to take her blood pressure medicine, but she emotionally manipulates them into not insisting. Swanan encourages Reeva to overcome Ishaan’s fears and pursue her dream in London. Swati asks Reeva to decide whether she should listen to her parents or Ishaan. Ultimately, Reeva gives medicine to her mom and declares that she will go to London, not Pune.

Later, Isha talks to Savi about Samrud, warning her that he is not a good person and presents evidence of his alcoholism and a previous affair with a married woman. Isha asks Savi to show the proofs to Bhavani and cancel the marriage. Just then, Bhavani arrives at the scene.

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